J. Osterberg at the Lofts Gallery

To whom it may concern, 

Here is my piece. In case anyone misinterprets it, here’s what I mean by it: 

As unemployment rates grow, the separation between the poor and rich is greater than ever. I feel that the inclusion of stores like Walmart in our towns hurt the creativity that this valley can produce. Look at all the great local shops that have to compete with large corporations who can afford to pay the high rent here. 

It’s an unfair system and I’ve talked to people and businesses all around the valley that we live in. The voices are all saying the same thing, but everybody is afraid to say something. Even myself. 

Just like there’s a real threat of terrorism from the middle east, there’s an equal threat of religious extremism here. I may not be a believer of any specific religion, but I am a believer in equality.

If we all accept our differences in beliefs rather than judge others for them, maybe there wouldn’t be so much anger towards one another. Then maybe we can save that wasted energy and put it back into the community in which we live in. Only then, I believe, will things actually get better.

Thank you for the opportunity to express my opinion, 

J. Osterberg



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