Submit Your Work for New AV Arts Publication

Antelope Valley Arts Blog is teaming up with a few local dynamos to produce a new arts magazine for the Antelope Valley.

If you would like to share your genius with the AV, your talents, your vision, your opinions, and your knowledge, please submit material to for the time being. (A magazine specific email address will be provided in future.)

Submissions are being accepted in areas of:

Creative Writing – Fiction & Poetry

Reviews – Gallery & Musuem Show Reviews, Theatre Reviews, Music Reviews


Original Visual Art – Photography, Images of Paintings, Sculpture, and Electronically Generated Images


2 thoughts on “Submit Your Work for New AV Arts Publication

    1. Good Question.
      The first issue is set to be released on September 1, 2010. Submissions for consideration in that issue should be in by August 10 or soon there-after.

      However, submissions for the second issue are also being accepted. That issue is set to appear in October.

      Please don’t hesitate to send in your submissions!

      Thanks for asking this question. Please also don’t hesitate to ask anything about anything else that comes to mind.

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