Art Events @ Quartz Hill’s Sagebrush Cafe

Arts Spotlight –

Camera Obscura

Slideshow – Hosted by Rheagan E. Martin

            August 11 (Wednesday)


           (Link to Facebook Event Page)

            Part-time AV resident, full-time arts scholar, Rheagan E. Martin is putting together a group of artists to present recent works in a slideshow format at Sagebrush Café.

            Photography and digital media will wow, woo, and inspire you.

Monkeys, Monsters & Mermaids – Gallery Show – Nicelle Davis

            August 14

            6 – 8pm

             Sagebrush Café’s gallery will be putting on several new faces, in a show by Nicelle Davis. Working with various media including clay & clay tablets, Victorian paper cutting and poetry, Davis presents a varied and animate perspective on the interior worlds we all possess, and which sometimes possess us.

Information Courtesy of Sagebrush Cafe newsletter.


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