Exploring the AV’s Contradictions

Predictions suggest that the combined population of the Antelope Valley will increase from roughly 500,000 (today) to over 1,000,000 people by the year 2020.

            This would seem to suggest that the Antelope Valley is a venue for growth.

            Why then are there so many houses for sale? Why then are so many businesses failing?

            There is growth. That is a certainty. The city of Lancaster is currently renovating its downtown corridor, re-inventing the area as a sort of local-tourism zone. Local residents will be able to take their “staycations” at the new art museum and eat at any of the several newly opened restaurants downtown.

            Yet, as the construction of apartment buildings and museums continues downtown, numerous housing tracts remain unfinished. Having broke ground in 2007, several planned neighborhoods are now like ghost-towns that never were. Streetlights illuminate streets that have no houses. Tumbleweeds actually blow down the road.

Read more: http://www.bukisa.com/articles/335075_what-is-the-antelope-valley-exploring-the-contrary-identity-of-californias-av


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