AVT Announces 20 Nights of Theatre at the AV Winery!

posted by Nalin

We are very excited to unveil that all 20 performances of our 2011 Season will be hosted at the Antelope Valley Winery, our newest business patron! The Donato Family has generously provided us with an exclusive special arrangement for renting their warehouse and barrel room space. This allows us to greatly expand our audience size, community exposure, and artistic limits in a classy, local A.V. landmark.

Check out what’s coming up this year in our 2011 Season — and go ahead, pair up your showdates with the Winery’s selection of unique wines, cheeses, as well as game and exotic meats.

Get ready for 20 nights of unique, original, and experimental blackbox theatre at your hometown winery!

[This post originally appeared at AVThespians.org]


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