AntelopeValleyArts magazine, SATURATION, announces the release of its second issue.


Saturday June 11, 2011 the magazine will be available at Sagebrush Café in Quartz Hill, at Antelope Valley Thespians events, and in some new surprising places. Copies of this issue are $4.

This issue is bigger, stronger and faster than the first, featuring the work of poets, artists, fiction writers, non-fiction writers, photographers and designers. Movement & Motion were the twin themes of the newest AV Arts installment, and the issue takes up the idea through explorations of flight, travel, dance, nature and transformation.

Contributors of material and talent for SATURATION: Issue 2 are Steven Fiche, Curt Hanson, Sarah Allen, Nicelle Davis, Anna Delrosario, Rheagan E. Martin, Edwin Vasquez, Hannah Wilson, Michael Jones, Glenn Horst, Oleg Kagan, Cass Douglas, Benjamin Andrews, Kevin Hogan, AJ Currado, Nalin Ratnayake, and Eric M. Martin.  


SATURATION is a venue for the arts in theAntelopeValleypublishing essays, fiction, poetry and fine art. Find submission information here at the AV Arts Blog.

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