Kevin Coffey: Antelope Valley Artist: Photography, Film, Jewelry…

Antelope Valley artist, Kevin Coffey, is busy creating, like many Antelope Valley artists. Coffey has been working on videos, like the one below, in addition to jewelry and photography.

It’s not easy to describe the range of Coffey’s interests, which include nature, skating, music, and industrial settings. Describing the range of his work is just as difficult. But once you look at it, you’ll see, there is something that ties it together, a thread that could be described as an attempt to demonstrate the ways in which personal experience is made up of encounters, meetings of separate elements.

Sometimes we find things that are out of place. Sometimes we are out of place. And we are each challenged to agree that the world is the world, whether all the pieces fit or not.

But that’s just my take. You can easily see for yourself:

A selection of Kevin Coffey’s photography is currently on display at Sagebrush Cafe on the west side of town (showing til Sept. 24th), alongside works by Justin Moran. Recently, Coffey updated his website to include his jewelry and video work. His site is listed in our sidebar here, but here’s a link too. (link)

ps. If you have art work to share let us know. We’d love to help you share it online.



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