Antelope Valley Artists on Video

Antelope Valley artist Edwin Vasquez has embarked on a project to publicize and video the work of other artists of Lancaster, Palmdale, Lake Hughes, Lake Elizabeth, and the greater Mojave area.

The AV Arts Blog shares the publicizing part of Edwin Vasquez’ ambition! With more cameras on hand we’d probably share the whole thing.

Short of that, we’d like to show you Vasquez’ videos and in doing so introduce you (or re-introduce you) to the art of some exciting and engaging artists working and living in the Antelope Valley.

Below are several videos Vasquez has made in 2011 featuring the works of Larissa Nickel, Michael Jones, June Marie Milham, AJ Currado, Donna Weil, Forever Seven, and himself, Edwin Vasquez. (The list of names here isn’t matched to the order of the videos below.)



3 thoughts on “Antelope Valley Artists on Video

  1. Keep an eye out for more from Edwin. He’s making more artists videos all the time, it seems, featuring the art of Antelope Valley Artists. He posts the videos on facebook, but he also has a video channel on YouTube.

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