Checked out the AV Laemmle Theatre yet?

The Antelope Valley’s newest theatre is different than the others…here’s the info from the new Laemmle’s “about” page.


In the continued redevelopment of downtown Lancaster, InSite Development is proud to present the AV’s new movie dinner theater directly next to the Lancaster Performing Arts Center.

The Laemmle BLVD Cinemas boasts 3 state-of-the-art screens with all-digital Christie projectors and cutting edge surround sound. The theater hosts a full dinner menu from the Cinema Café as well as a nice selection of beer & wine to make it a complete evening. Each comfortable and wide seat features a full Exterior of Cinemarecliner with foot rests, with a push away table so that you can enjoy your meal before the show.

This unique concept will bring a taste of the very best to the Antelope Valley. A unique Tea Bar will allow you to enjoy the aromatic tastes of some of the worlds best teas.

Laemmle BLVD Cinemas will be host to some of the best arthouse, independent and international films anywhere.

Future home of the Antelope Valley Film Festival, the Laemmle BLVD Cinemas brings a new attractive venue to the great BLVD. renewal.


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