SATURATION: AV Arts Publication Volume Three: Call for Submissions

SATURATION: Antelope Valley Arts Publication is headed toward its third volume and is now officially open for submissions.

The theme of the upcoming issue, set to be released in late spring, is


The publication is specifically seeking art (especially black and white/pen and ink art work/black and white photography) relating to TURNING POINTS and also relating to ideas of nightlife, of haunting, and of being alone on the road. Submissions do not have to be related to the theme or to these ideas. You can submit whatever you want, but your chances of selection go up if your work matches the theme.

Other submissions types that are open: Poetry, Non-Fiction, Short Fiction, Arts Announcements for recurring events, and…we’d suggest more categories too but won’t right now (because we haven’t thought of them yet and don’t know what YOU HAVE IN MIND). 

This issue promises to be more selective than previous issues, but the goal remains the same – to champion local artists, showcase local talent, provide concrete proof of Antelope Valley art and artists, and to generally try to bring together artists with an audience of interested people.

You can still pick up copies of SATURATION volume two at Sagebrush Cafe while supplies last, though supplies are nearly depleted at this point. Your last chance for volume two, fittingly, comes at the same time as your first chance at participating in volume three.

Send submissions to:


5 thoughts on “SATURATION: AV Arts Publication Volume Three: Call for Submissions

  1. I just came by SageBrush on Sunday and picked up a copy of Saturation Volume II , I love it! Almost forgot that my photo was on the back page. thanks for doing this Eric!

  2. Would like to join this site. Part of the name of the site isn’t showing so I can’t tell what is says.

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