From the B.F.E. Diaries: Tioga Pass Blues

Tioga Pass Blues

When it comes to driving to Yosemite, you have a couple options as to how to get there; the west entrance or Tioga Pass on the east side. The road going through the park is California State Route 120, and is one of the more scenic drives in the state. Winding roads through the Sierra Nevada mountains, through trees and along creeks, leads you into the heart of the park with Half Dome jutting out of the side of the valley. It’s an attraction all year, but weather in the mountains can make the roads precarious— and usually end up closed during the winter months.

Tioga Pass doesn’t look like a bad route on a map. In reality, it’s not; it’s the part of SR 120 that connects to highway 395, which goes along the east side of the Sierras. A lot of travelers fly into Vegas, drive through Death Valley, stop in Lone Pine to see Mt. Whitney, then drive up to Tioga Pass and into Yosemite…

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