Lancaster’s Museum of Art and History

The new Lancaster modern art & history museum is open; the MOAH…it’s open, it’s real, and it’s full of potential. Have you been inside and seen it? What did you think? What do you think of the Antelope Valley’s largest, most expensive and most official arts space?

AV Arts Blog would like to hear about your reaction to the new museum: thoughts, perceptions, likes, dislikes, hopes, inside scoops… What we’d like to do is invite everyone to write in with comments that will then be put into a new post, collecting the various views expressed in those comments.

Probably, we will just see a few comments come in. Not everyone has been to the new museum on the BLVD and not everyone has the time to write in, but in the hopes of encouraging conversation about this new space and conversation on the arts in general here in the Antelope Valley, I’d like to try this out, invite some comments (or even controversy) and see if we can help either spark debate or spark interest in this new arts space.



One thought on “Lancaster’s Museum of Art and History

  1. Was there Sat, May 5, at public opening. Loved the rooftop live band. ‘Though with the sun and heat blaring at them, sundown concerts or facing opposite direction would please all more. Architecture is unique and exploratory. Structure has so much potential for housing of Antelope Valley art works on a revolving basis. Can easily visualize this most special museum as an art mecca of national interest.

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