Antelope Valley One Act Festival Cast List Announced!

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17th July
posted by Phil

The Antelope Valley Thespians One Act Festival (or AVTOF if you like throwing in flashy acronyms into everyday speech and IHYA*) has officially announced the cast list.  Thank you to everyone who participated!  Without further adieu:

The Gospel of Traitor Judas
Joe Barnard as Judas
Jimmy Miller as Jesus

Peter Cascarano as Dixon
John Comstock as Sam
Samantha Bunch as Gal
Katherine Franco as Madame

No Man’s Rabbi
Peter Cascarano as Morrie
John Comstock as Alvy

The Kingdom
Joe Barnard as Peter
Samantha Bunch as Stephanie

Congratulations to our cast; please attend this show; AVT tackling a One Act festival is going to be awesome!


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