Antelope Valley Poet on the Loose: Video – Becoming Judas

Antelope Valley Poet Nicelle Davis is on the loose, once again.

Check out Davis’ new collaborative video on her blog, made using poems and/or excerpts from her new book of  poetry, Becoming Judas.

The Bees Knees Blog

Thank you everyone who submited work to The Living Poetry Project–Bee-Winged Poems. The work of Dane Cardiel, Kit Kennedy, Lisken Van Pelt Dusand, and (my lovely English 101 student) Anna Marie Castillo created a buzz at Her Majesty’s Secret Beekeeper. One of the greatest gifts of this Living Poetry Project was a hug from Kit Kennedy!

The poems flew and continue to fly in Northern California. Word honey!

Great thanks to readers Tess Taylor, Brendan Constantine, Caleb Barber, who gave their word honey at Litquake; it is good to bring art to life with such amazing poets.

In addition to the amazing Litquake, my Trip to Oakland was a little like waking up from a cultural comma; I have the vivaciousness of the city and my brilliant friend Johnny Hernandez to thank for that. Johnny works for SPD and is my blood line to books. He shows me…

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