Euclid’s Negatives – Photography & Fiction


Euclid’s Negatives is a collaborative storytelling project, pairing fiction with photography to create multimedia stories online. There is a story about a particle personified. There is a story about a terrible work trip. There are jokes… Some of the stories are inspired by the photographs. Some of the photographs are inspired by the stories. Can you tell which is which?

from: A Day in the Life and Death of Higgs Boson

“Perhaps we don’t lose our innocence, our idealism and youth.  It may be that we give it, willingly or not, to those who truly need it…”

from: The Color of Words


“There were certain problems in the language that bothered anyone who thought about them, problems that pointed to a break between the words and what was actual; what was real; what the words failed to touch.


But you grow up believing in language, and you want to keep believing…”


          *         *          *          *

Euclid’s Negatives was launched in mid 2012. Follow the project as it grows: watch for new photos and stories and news of submissions contests. New material is forthcoming, with some new names set to added to the list of artists participating.

Check out the project: Euclid ’s Negatives.


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