Antelope Valley Artist Spotlight: Michael Jones

Antelope Valley Arts Blog Interview: Michael Jones

I met Michael Jones for the first time when he was putting together a solo show of brightly colored, abstract paintings in 2010 called Static/Electric. Not long after that, he joined me for an online project, Failure of Theory.

Since then, I’ve tried to follow his art doings on FB. Though Jones is good about posting updates, he is almost too busy to keep track of these days. A little interview seems in order to get a refresh on where Michael Jones has been and where he is going.

(Michael, being literally on the go, got my questions while he was in Oakland for a show. He responded on his way back to the upper desert. Any typos are the phone’s fault…or mine.)


What ideas stand behind your art? ( Is there an underlying concept or a philosophy behind your painting, your poetry…?)


The ideas I would say that stand by my art are just simply gathering life in and enjoying it. I try to focus on positive work that makes the viewer want to lose their mind in my vivid world of art. There are too many negative things happening everyday, so instead of being another crab in the bucket I wanted to journey to make people smile through the eyes of color. Whether my art is good or bad, I hope the message plants a seed to make people want to change for the positive and inspire someone. My concept has never been to be this famous painter; as long as I can aspire to inspire until I expire, I have done what I dreamed of.


Where can people see your work online or locally in person?


Local people can view my art at Graphic Experience located on Lancaster Blvd. My art has been hanging in there for about two years now. It is a great honor to be hanging alongside many talented local artists who have paved the way for a young artist like myself. Big Thanks to Chris Calaba for always having faith and seeing my vision. Without her most of this wouldn’t even be possible.



What has your 2012 been like art-wise? Any highlights?


Highlights for 2012 hmmmmmmmmmmm

To be honest I have accomplished a lot this year, from getting my art put onto shirts by a friend by the name of Cory Bailey to painting on a 2012 challenger with Sergio Hernandez  and Todd Cooper…….to having a feature in the Antelope Valley Lifestyle Magazine. hmmmm it has been a good year and hope many more blessings to come. Anytime I get to paint I think is a big accomplishment to me. I love painting to the death of me. It fuels me and motivates me to be a better person hahaha dont ask.


Can you describe your experience as an artist in the Antelope Valley ? 


I  think living in the A.V. as an artist is awesome and amazing. Took me awhile to accept living in the middle of nowhere but I use that to my advantage now. Not many people get the chance to be surrounded by nature and all its beauty. I can look up at night and see the stars and get captivated in them hahah can’t so much do that in L.A. Hahhaha or can you? lol jk. I have had the pleasure  of working with local artists such as Todd Cooper, Ramon Ramirez , Luis Fileto , Jonathan Baker, Dawn Fox, Arturo ana luz Castanon, Ricardo Cisneros , VINCE Reyes, ZeuS,  Cassandra Whitaker, Suzy Roach, Cory Bailey, Donna Weil, Bryan Pacana, Larissa Nickel, Tonia and Wayne Crews, and not last but not least my mentor Edwin Vasquez. Everyone of these people have helped me as a artist  whether it be telling me about a new product 0r helping me make canvases. I appreciate all of them as friends but most of all inspirational artists.


Over the last few years, your art has really grown and changed. How would you describe the changes?  


I’ve been painting for 3 years as of September 9th. I’m growing as an artist each year and I hope my art is a reflection of that. The only thing I really do differently now is just to have fun doing art , not everyone will like what you do so why have limits. When you have limits you limit yourself , the job of art is to convey a message to the viewer. So with that said I make it a point to try something new everytime I paint no matter what. I love exploring new things and expanding my mind …..isnt that what life is all about taking chances haha. My art three years ago compared to now is a day and night difference but it is all about progressing and molding your craft until you feel comfortable with it. I try to paint at least one hour everyday no matter what..thanks to Edwin Vasquez for that advice I can notice a huge difference in my painting.


What is the most recent art show you’ve participated in? What shows are on the horizon? Where would you like to take your art, stylistically or geographically, in the future? More shows in Los Angeles ? Or…?


I just had a show in Oakland , CA last weekend , was a very amazing show Thanks again Filthe Grime for all the hardwork put into the show. I have several upcoming shows ……next show Will be the D.A.D.A show (put on by artist for artist hahaha) . I also hope to get my solo show going in 2013 but I think that will be more like a 2014 thing. I plan to do some curating in 2013 and perhaps direct my own horror movie. So wish me luck friends and family.

Take a look at more work by Michael Jones and follow his progress at his FB page, Abstract Art by Michael Jones.


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