AVT: Antelope Valley Thespians supporting Antelope Valley Writers

The Antelope Valley Thespians have been putting on performances for a few years now. They are one of a number of outlets for local writers (playwrights, specifically) to get work into the public eye.

Take a look at their website if you have a chance. Here is what they have to say about what they are trying to do with and for local writers:


One of the main goals of AVT is to produce original work by playwrights local to Quartz Hill and the Antelope Valley. Seeing your play undergo the production process gives you a great insight into how your script might be interpreted by a director and actors.

Additionally, concepts that are challenging or impractical from a technical perspective will need to be ironed out in the first production, allowing you the chance to perceive the strengths and drawbacks of your script’s technical feasibility. The feedback you will receive from the cast, crew, and audience will provide invaluable information as you put the final touches on your manuscript before offering it up for publication.

Being accepted for production is also a great way to show a publisher that the theatre community takes your work seriously enough to stake a significant investment of time and money to produce it.

AVT currently offers many different outlets for original work, based on where you are in the playwrighting process. The cultivation of a new, produceable, quality script can be a long and involved process; AVT is there with people, tools, and ideas to help you along the way.

Stay tuned to our blog, Facebook Page, or Twitter feed for updates on details for upcoming writers events.


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