SATURATION: Antelope Valley Arts Publication available now



A $4 arts magazine.

Stories. Fine art. Poetry. Interviews.


The Antelope Valley has had a number of small publications dedicated to the arts and literature over the last years. One of these publications is ongoing and others have run their course. New arts journals are sure to pop up, online and in print, but for the time being, there seems to be one publication holding down the proverbial arts-publication fort – SATURATION.

You can get copies through editors AJ Currado and Eric Martin.

AJ hosts art events at different times throughout the year. Check up on where to find her at her website: AJ CURRADO.

Eric is one of the owners of Sagebrush Cafe: coffee & art house, a primary sponsor of SATURATION. That’s why SATURATION is on sale at the Quartz Hill coffee shop seven days every week: SAGEBRUSH CAFE.

[Steven Fiche and Curt Hanson also played major roles in getting this latest (the third annual) volume of SATURATION into print.]

Contributors include: Larissa Nickel, Todd CooperTom VardenEdwin Vasquez, Tonia Crews, Sam M., C. Vanderpool, Linda Ruiz, Ruba Alvarado, Vincent Reyes, Frank RozasyFrank Dixon, G.L. Helm, Marilyn Dalrymple, and June Marie Milham.

If you want to see what local artists are up to, look for a place to publish your own work, or support the arts, pick up a copy of SATURATION. It’s easy.

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