The Heart Show (We Heart Edwin Vasquez)

DSC00946A show of heart:

I’m not sure if the proper way to refer to this current art show at Paris Cafe in Lancaster as a collective or a collection of artists. Whatever we call it, the show offers a glimpse of various styles and approaches to creative work.

As far as I know, there is no official affiliation between the artists whose work is currently on display at the bistro on Ave. J…but there are two points of connection that draw them together:

Edwin Vasquez and art.

Vasquez continues to keep his head down and press forward, doing work, showing work, and bringing like-minded people together. His most recent endeavor takes the shape of a series of monthly open-invitation (group) gallery shows at Paris Cafe.

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For the month of February, the gallery theme is “Hearts”, thus this is show has been dubbed “The Heart Show”.

Over half-a dozen artists have work on display, many of whom have shown around town before in different places, from the Lakes & Valleys Art Guild Gallery to the (now defunct) Artists Lofts Gallery to Sagebrush Café.

As this project is ongoing, other artists have a chance to submit work to be shown in upcoming months.

(I don’t know the criteria for entry, but Edwin Vasquez is kind of everywhere, so he is not hard to get in touch with. His website is listed on the sidebar here at AV Arts Blog.)


One thought on “The Heart Show (We Heart Edwin Vasquez)

  1. Thank you for telling it like it is Eric. The artists in the Antelope Valley thanks to Edwin Vasquez , will always find a place to nurture the creativity that is in so many of these great people. And like all artists before them, will gather and enjoy each others art and friendship without all the pomp and circumstance

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