Mental Articulation: Meet Rosamond Artist Manuel Abran Rubio

Antelope Valley artists, meet Manuel Abran Rubio, an Antelope Valley artist vamping on surrealist themes, mythological images, and psychological projections. With work inspired by Dali, Rubio is a mimic in some senses but clearly makes an attempt to use his source material and his inspirations to say something personal.

He introduces himself this way on his website’s home page:

My name is Manuel Abran Rubio. I go by Mannie or Abran…  Anyway I am a painter born January 17, 1984 in Stockton, California. I have been an artist since before I could speak. Only until the last couple of years have I realized that this is absolutely what I am… an artist. Now I spend my time painting, reading about painting, looking at art, visiting museums, and always looking for new ways to increase my knowledge about painting.

Check out Manuel’s website HERE.


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