Cedar Centre Gallery Now Open

Downtown Lancaster continues to undergo changes. One of those changes is the re-opening of the Cedar Centre Art Gallery, a space for artists to showcase their work.

The Antelope Valley is home to so many artists and not so many places to show original art and/or to find it if you are looking. I went looking the other day and was really happy to find that Michelle and Steven, the leaders and hosts of the gallery at the Cedar Centre, have opened the doors to people looking to show and to see art in the Antelope Valley.

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Open Wednesday, Friday and Saturday from 2 to 7 pm.

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As in the past, the Cedar Centre is a venue for some of the dark side of the artistic imagination, but the work I saw in this show was really nicely varied from dark to light in tone and in type.

Mannie Rubio, an artist recently showcased here on the AV Arts Blog, has some impressive paintings in the show – nice clean lines, a great control of the “plastic” elements of his surface. I was also impressed, personally, with a good deal of the photography on display. Chris Shelman’s work in particular stood out.


With galleries now open on the far west side (Lake Hughes Art Gallery) on the near west side (Sagebrush Cafe) and downtown (Cedar Centre), you can spend a day taking in original work. Hit up the museum too while you’re at it. Thanks to the work of people like Michelle and Steven, you’ve got new options all the time – today – and there’s nothing stopping you from putting together some SEEING, DOING, SHOWING and ART.

Open Wednesday, Friday and Saturday from 2 to 7 pm.

The gallery is currently accepting submissions for a show dedicated to celebrating the Dada movement.



3 thoughts on “Cedar Centre Gallery Now Open

    1. There is a link to a Cedar Centre website with some limited information at the side-bar of the AV Arts Blog. More information has been “coming soon” for a few years now… But, also, there seem to be some changes in the works. As the BLVD continues to be developed, there are rumors that the Cedar Centre will be overhauled or torn down. In any event, we wish we could point you to some ongoing online Cedar Centre site, but we are not aware of any. (It could be that we just don’t know about it…)

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