Spotlight on Local Artists of the Antelope Valley – Joanne McCubrey


Quartz Hill artist, Joanne McCubrey is an accomplished photographer and and writer. And she paints too. In our enduring aim to spread the word about local art and local artists, we’d like to point you to her work.

She has a nice website.

Many photos for perusing and for buying.

ROSIE-WOMAN WITH SCARF (click to see the entire piece)

From her website:

  I am a photographer and artist, formerly of the Placerville area, but I now call Quartz Hill, California home, where I live with my rather large dog, “The Dude”.

I spent 20 years with the Mountain Democrat newspaper in Placerville as a photographer and won over 30 personal and professional awards in photography and writing.  I’ve been published in many magazines including Sierra, Country, Nevada, Range and Westways.

   My work has been exhibited in the Ansel Adams gallery in Yosemite, Nikon House in New York,  the Margaret Crow Gallery in Pasadena and at many El Dorado County galleries.

Learn more at Joanne McCubrey.


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