DESHART – art, community, ecology

"Intervention B with Jennifer from JCPenny®," 2013. | Courtesy of DEHSART.

From a review at KCET by Evan Senn:

Karyl Newman and Larissa Nickel — who together form the arts collaborative “Hinterculture” — are the creators of Desert Engagement: Hinder Swill Achieving Recycled Trash” (DEHSART). The two female artists created DEHSART as a way to not only help clean up the Antelope Valley, but also to inspire others to explore and enjoy their unique and inspiring landscape. Newman and Nickel formed their collaboration, Hinterculture, to reveal the outlying history, art, technology, and business of the high desert by mining sites for social, cultural and aesthetic purposes. “There is a lot of really wonderful stuff in the desert, and a lot of people just don’t know about it,” says Newman.

Read more of the KCET review here.

Check out the projects home site: DESHART


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