Antelope Valley Artists: What have you been working on?

Dear Artists of the Antelope Valley,

What are you doing? I mean, what have you been working on?

Want to share?

If you would like to have your work – images, writing, thinking, videos, etc. – shared here on the AV Arts Blog, we’d love to have you. This blog is a sounding board. Shout and it will echo. Or…something like that.

The AV is home to a vibrant community of artists. This blog knows it and tries to show it. If you are down with that, please share a link with interested friends, via email, Facebook, Twitter, or whatever. But, more to the point, if you are making art and want to reach a few more people please take up this offer and use the AV Arts Blog to publicize your work.

Write in with a comment linking to your work, send in an email with information or content to


stencil design in play 3

– eric martin


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