DESHART – On a Mission

The following post comes from, the site of DESHART, a group that describes itself and its mission this way:

DEHSART combines prevention, awareness and outreach through artistic engagement and environmental education surrounding the issue of illegal dumping in the Antelope Valley region of Los Angeles County. Cultivating social connections, collective action, and civic empowerment our goal is to help transform our landscape through small interventions of public art that will tell a story of environmental resources and inspire change in our ecosystem. Join us. Relationships build community, and community creates change. If you’re interested in partnering in this effort, please contact info(at)dehsart(dot)com.

DESHART has recently fulfulled its mission/mandate. Learn more at their website, watch the video, or drop them a line.


Hinterculture productions created a Public Service Announcement based on the votes from our public engagement activity that asked you what message you wanted to emphasized to activate community involvement in illegal dumping. The community overwhelmingly decided REPORTING is the message that needs to be broadcast and encouraged in the region to address the illegal dumping activities in the AV.

Please report any illegal dumping activities at 1-888-8DUMPING & STOPILLEGALDUMPING.COM. Help keep our deserts beautiful!




2 thoughts on “DESHART – On a Mission

  1. It seems that the artist population in Antelope Valley will be growing by one. My husband will be starting work out there mid May and I am looking for other artists to connect with for out stay out there. I work in all mediums and for those interested, check out my website, Facebook and mydailypaintworks site.
    Any leads to art community appreciated. I will be looking for a home that can house my studio or a separate location for my studio. This all just happened in the last few days so my head is spinning.
    Gabriele Baber

    1. The Antelope Valley looks forward to welcoming you, Gabriele. Art and active artists abound in this desert space and opportunities to show crop up fairly regularly – though audiences are not completely guaranteed.

      But, hey, places where artists and art events always play to predictably large crowds are few.

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