Antelope Valley Anthology: A literary event at Sagebrush Cafe

A literary event: Saturday, February 15, 2014 from Noon to 2pm.

at Sagebrush Cafe [42104 50th Street West, Quartz Hill CA]

This series of books represents a decade of creative work from writers in the Antelope Valley. Authors of the works anthologized in the Antelope Valley Anthology will be on hand.



Come on out to meet some local writers and pick up copy of your favorite AV Anthology Volume. MousePrints publishing guru Gary Helm will be on hand and will also be offering his two new books, released just in the past few weeks. They’re so brand new, the ink is practically still running.

Remember the celebration at Sagebrush. For those who don’t know, The last two AV Anthologies were both up for international prizes. DARKNESS VISIBLE was up for an international small press prize, and 9 was up for a Pushcart Small press prize. Come see these marvelous pieces of literature at the Sagebrush Cafe in Quartz Hill.” – Gary Helm


4 thoughts on “Antelope Valley Anthology: A literary event at Sagebrush Cafe

  1. I would like to attend your meeting for March and/or April if you have recurring meetings.

    1. Hi Kay,
      The AV Anthology is no longer being published, but there is a regular meeting of writers who contributed and published these volumes. They meet at the home that houses MousePrints Publishing.

      Please send word if you are interested in more information.

      1. So this is where you are hiding! I’m glad I found you. I’d like to know more about your meetings and probably attend. I am a writer who recently moved to the AV and want to connect with other writers to share ideas, etc.
        Please contact me 949-375-6728 or

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