Antelope Valley College Gallery Hosts: WRITTEN IN THE STARS: The First in a Series of Exhibitions on Arbitrary Systems

Please join us this Saturday at the AVC Art Gallery for the opening reception of:

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The First in a Series of Exhibitions on Arbitrary Systems
Curated by Kellie Lanham
A juried exhibition featuring Sarah Beadle, Jenn Berger, Nicole Capps, Josh Cho, Antoinette De Paiva, Alexandra Pacheco Garcia, Shaun Garren, Dave Ghilarducci, Bruce McAllister, Laurence McNamara, Jessica Minckley, Larissa Nickel, Julie O’Sullivan, Brian Palagallo, Matthew Plaks, Jack Reilly, Deana Romo, Benjy Russell, Edwin Vasquez
Opening Reception:  Saturday, October 25, 6 – 8 p.m

What kind of discourse can rise from a group of artworks that is brought together, not by one curator’s interests and preferences, but by chance, play, and perhaps a little divine intervention?  The artists who responded to the call for Written in the Stars were chosen based on how their astrological charts aligned with the exhibit’s opening date.  After each artist freely selected a sample of their work, the pieces were installed according to astrological sign, transforming the gallery into a zodiac calendar.  Kellie Lanham describes her experimental approach as a means “to ignite a different way of exhibiting, viewing, writing and thinking about contemporary art.”  Please join us this Saturday to meet the artists, enjoy refreshments, and discuss the surprisingly rich and harmonious dialogues generated by these “chance” pairings.
For more information, visit our gallery webpage at:

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