Art Around – An Opportunity for Artists in the Antelope Valley

Filling in the gaps left by shifts in strategy and policy in public education and serving the function of the time-honored civic tradition of continuing education for adults, local artist Renato de Guia facilitates regular meetings dedicated to making art, practicing techniques and creating from live models in Lancaster, CA.

Meet other artists and folks interested in learning about making art and get some practice in.

Below is information on ArtAround straight from Renato de Guia and here is a link to another article on the ArtAround Sessions posted at the Lakes and Valleys Art Guild.

  • ArtAround is an opportunity for artists, experienced or student, to create art with fellow dedicated artists. It was created as a response to changes in art educational opportunities for local artists.
  • Every Saturday, from 10 am to 12 pm, the Open Studio has a live costumed model in a creative set up. It is uninstructed sessions where art techniques and principles in portrait and figure study are practiced, using the media of choice. The session is a single pose, held in twenty minute increments.
  • On Tuesdays, starting at 8 am, a group of artists meet at the AV Mall food Court to do laps at the mall interior. After getting some needed physical exercise, art skills are sharpened by quick sketching people in the mall. It is aptly called Stretch and Sketch.
  • ArtAround has also facilitated quick sketch sessions. The model does a series of short poses for gesture study.
  • ArtAround can set up Open Studio sessions at various locations. Bravery Brewery and the Palmdale Playhouse have hosted a session with great success. Artists, as a group, schedule pleine aire trips periodically. Demonstrations and lectures are planned in the future.
  • ArtAround is made possible by the generosity of Eric Rasmussen of CoffeeHouse Ideas, making his studio available for the artists’ use. The programs are facilitated by Renato de Guia, with a lot of help from family and friends. While the programs are free to the community, donations are appreciated to help pay for the models and art assistants.

Contact Information – Renato de Guia


updated: June 04, 2015


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