Antelope Valley Photography Groups

Are you a photographer in the Antelope Valley looking for some photographer connects, some contacts, some social motivation, some conversation, some inspiration?

by Douglas Wade

Well, you’re in luck. There are at least two groups dedicated to photography here in the Antelope Valley – The Lancaster Photography Association and the AV Photographers.

The Lancaster Photography Association is heavily active, hosting contests and meetings on a weekly basis. Take a look at their calendar. It’s packed with meetings, discussions and competitions.

With over 608 members, the AV Photographers seems like a substantial group as well. Here is what this group has to say about itself on the AV Photographers website:

The goal of the AV Photographers is to help local folks who shoot and live in the Antelope Valley in an informal way. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned photographer, there is something for everybody. Members are to learn to grow their passion for photography and learn to take and share great photographs. We will learn from each other on interesting spots to shoot locally, how to make instead take photograph images. We will learn the art of processing those images in a better workflow and how to present images digitally or in print.

We offer local hangouts and social gathering where a friendly and lively discussion about all facets of photography. This meet up group is for all and have no clue what all the buttons and options our camera offer, whether you use Nikon or Canon.

We will talk you through all the basics, teach you some fundamental knowledge and show you what all the little dials and buttons do on your camera. We will offer workshops from Basic Photography, Basic Camera Skills, Composition, Lightroom, Photoshop, Portrait Lighting, Off-Camera Flash, Macro and close-up Photography, Fine Art Printing, Digital Asset Management, and much more. We will offer field trips locally to interesting places in the AV and beyond. The Antelope Valley is not like other areas of the world, but with patience and knowledge, this area is very beautiful. Come join the adventure.

The website shows quite a bit of activity relating to events and advice for participating in local events like the Antelope Valley Fair. Your interest in these groups may depend on your level of dedication to photography, but you have options if you are a photographer looking to join a group, add a photo-related association to your resume, or just get started taking pictures again.


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