Featured Artist: Gabriele Baber

Local artist Gabriele Baber is today’s featured artist at the Antelope Valley Arts Blog. Baber is a painter working in several mediums, from oil to pastel.

Spring at the Wildlife Preserve Palmdale by gabriele baber Oil ~ 11 x 14 Saquaro Canyon at Sunset by gabriele baber Oil ~ 36 x 48

Most recently I came across Baber’s work in the Sagebrush Cafe Invitational Art show, where her submission took first place. The colorful plein-air painting of a train yard scene that won the judge’s highest praise shows how this “award-winning California artist’s work expresses her passion for painting through the use of exciting, vivid color and drama,” as her website suggests.

Her work shows real verve and a highly functional sense of how to use color as a composition technique – for dynamic contrast, for spacing, and for balance. I’m no art critic, but these things are easy to see in Baber’s work.

(Baber has suggested that Sagebrush look into running a plein-air show and as a Sagebrush rep, I can say we think that’s a great idea. Next summer, look out for it.)

Check out her website where you will find a large archive of her work. More than likely you will be very impressed. I know I was.

LeSaucier II by gabriele baber Watercolor ~ 9 x 12


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