Antelope Valley Artist Nuri Amanatullah Wins the Disney D23 Expo Design Challenge

Exciting news from Anaheim folks: Nuri Amanatullah of Quartz Hill has been awarded winner of Disney’s annual Expo Design Challenge. You may know Nuri Amantullah from his work with the youth art program at the MOAH in Lancaster or from his Tumblr site or his gallery shows around town.

A digital artist with a big sense of fun, Amanatullah creates are that is all about POP. Well, maybe not all about pop, but laden densely with pop culture references and dedicated largely to exploring pop culture themes. If Nuri is not all POP, his is a lot of POP.

It’s no surprise to see him popping up in a contest that relies centrally on a reference to Disney’s Sleeping Beauty Castle – and totally winning it.

The D23 EXPO Design Challenge celebrates Disneyland’s Diamond Anniversary by encouraging artists both young and young at heart to create art using the iconic Sleeping Beauty Castle as inspiration.


Nuri’s work depicts a hybrid castle that evokes the imaginary skyline of a number of Disney icons. From Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs to Big Hero 6, the work represents the majority of Disney animated features through stained glass vignettes, themed towers, and hidden Easter eggs. Like Disneyland, where you always discover something new, Nuri hopes viewers see something different every time they look at the work. (qts taken from

Big congrats to Nuri Amanatullah for netting the cash award and for taking his art to a wider audience by entering and winning this contest.

You can read a bit more about Nuri Amanatullah at the AV Art Blog. We did an interview with him not too long ago…


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