Full Circle – Paintings by Stevie Chun @ Sagebrush Cafe

Does it sound paranoid to say that we’re seeing circles everywhere? No matter where we look – circles, and circles within circles. 63F40D16-0969-45D8-AA58-6D0E0A948240.JPG

They are in our eyes, double circles of pupil and lens. They are in the sky, one blazing sphere burning down at us by day as another struggles through the night, grasping always to be complete. There are circles made by man down here. There are children swiveling the hoola hoop until they let it fall at their feet. And it all repeats. Cycles. Circles within circles.

It’s all connected. It’s all about connection.

As Stevie Chun writes in her artist statement for the show:

The circles in “Full Circle” signify events in life. These life events are monumental in shaping who we are as individuals while connecting us to one another, all of them, big and small.

For this series, Chun is painting with ink and watercolor and attaching the paintings to wood. Each piece features a multitude of circles, which Chun describes as a “modest shape” but one that also “has many symbolic meanings across cultures. Circles represent the complexity and completeness of life. In this circular form we can all be connected – able to find common ground.”

A11F83B1-EB4F-4CE8-A2EA-4E94DB40B937.JPGAn ancient symbol of unity, the circle also evokes notions of the cycle of life, tying it to the most fundamental mythologies of origins – life emerging, cresting, blazing a fullness of being, and returning from whence it came.

The images here recall the feeling of first seeing deep space telescope images from the Hubble – bright galaxies wheeling reaching back toward beginnings too dim to recall.

But the brightness is what we see in those telescopic images. The fecundity of the cosmos…shining like a party in the distant corners of the sky. Each image, like each piece in Chun’s “Full Circle,” is a celebration of this well-spring, this energy.

Showing Now:

Full Circle

Paintings by Stevie Chun

at Sagebrush Cafe

42104 50th Street West

Quartz Hill, CA 93536


2 thoughts on “Full Circle – Paintings by Stevie Chun @ Sagebrush Cafe

  1. Hello…I am curious to know in Who is “Love” that is being quoted in this article? Is it the artist Stevie Love? And if so did she actually contribute to the writing of this article on behalf of Stevie Chun? I have noticed in the past in different articles that the 2 names have been interchanged accidentally so Curious minds want to know if this is the case here… Kind Regards Friends of both Arists

    1. Hi Anita,

      The name “Love” was included entirely by mistake here – and that has been corrected. Just as you suspected, there has been a mix-up with the last names of two different Stevies who are both female artists here in the Antelope Valley – as you know better than anyone.

      After running a check of the site (after this correction), no occurrences of Stevie Love’s name appear on the site. So, it’s not clear if you are thinking of AV Arts Blog when you saw the mix-up in other articles or if it’s happened somewhere else too, which seems entirely possible. We are rich in Stevies in the AV!

      Thanks for your curiosity and for your question!

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