Saturation – AV Arts Publication

SATURATION is a publication dedicated to bringing attention and opportunities to artists of the Antelope Valley, creating a venue for connection, community, and expression through the arts.

Accepting submissions all the time: Essays, Poetry, Fiction, Non-Fiction, Fine Art

For written submissions – 500 to 3,000 words is the general range.

For image submissions – high resolution is best.

For all submissions – check the AV Arts Blog for posts about themes for each issue. Following the theme is not essential for your work to be included in the publication but it can help.

Send submissions to:



15 thoughts on “Saturation – AV Arts Publication

    1. Good question, Gary. So far we’ve been publishing short works (500-2,000 words) pieces of fiction and non-fiction. In the upcoming issue we will feature some longer works (3,000 words).

      Feel free to send anything though. We are interested in publishing some work to the AV Arts Blog, which offers an opportunity to get creative with length.

      We like what you are doing with the AV Anthology! Looking forward to seeing this year’s new volume in the fall. (We’d love to help spread the word about the Anthology release if you let us know ahead of time.)

    1. New issues will be available at Sagebrush Cafe in Quartz Hill and through artist AJ Currado. – –
      Volume 3 of SATURATION is set to be released in a couple weeks. – –
      You can find more information on both Sagebrush Cafe and AJ Currado at their sites which are listed on the side bar of AV Arts Blog.

    2. Issue Three of SATURATION: AV Arts Publication will be available at Sagebrush Cafe in Quartz Hill and through artist/SATURATION editor AJ Currado starting in July, 2012 (!). Links to info on Sagebrush Cafe and Currado are on the sidebar of AV Arts Blog.

  1. Who do I need to contact about a guy that was featured in the arts magazine around 2004-2008, his name is Ralph Maxwell and he painted oil on canvas. Lives in Antelope Valley

    1. Hello Rive and thanks for sending in the question.

      There must be a mistake though – no one by that name appeared in our publication. The painters featured were: Cass Douglas, Michael Jones, Edwin Vasquez, Nicolas Shake, Tom Varden and Frank Dixon. Is there a chance that you were thinking of one of these artists?

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