An Antelope Valley Art Snapshot

Artwork from: Nuri Amanatullah, Joanne McCubrey, Alan Radecki, Cervates,  Donal O’Sullivan, Julie O’Sullivan, and Eric Martin (ps. that’s me).

You can find links to the websites of all these artists on our sidebar. We are rich in art, artists and artistry here in the AV. It’s not always easy to see (though it is always there/here).

And it’s not always easy to put this richness into a coherent shape or statement. But, then again, who says there should be a coherent shape or statement in the first place?

Art is.

And that is one of its great lessons. Isn’t it?

Anyway, here is some of it.


Donal O’Sullivan




MojaveWest Media Works: tehachapi wind farms &emdash;
Alan Radecki


If you would like to see your artwork featured on the Antelope Valley Arts blog, just send us a link, a photo, or an email and we will help spread the word about your creative work. That is what we are here to do!

Julie O’Sullivan
beach reader
Eric Martin



Nuri Amanatullah
Joanne McCubrey