Larissa Nickel, Exitutopia & You

Larissa Nickel, artist and museum guru of the Antelope Valley, is headed on a journey to DC to study Interaction, Technology & the Museum, to put it broadly, and she’s invited you along via her new blog – EXITUTOPIA

Here’s a snippet from her blog, pointing to some of the ideas Nickel will be investigating in Washington:

“Today, new media is everywhere in museums–in the form of hand-held information devices, information kiosks, installation art, display supports, and archiving systems, as a means to reorganize working practices, and to keep track of visitors. The increasing ubiquity of systems of information manipulation and communication presents particular challenges to art institutions. At one level these challenges are practical: how should arts institutions take advantage of the new means of dissemination and communication made possible by technology? How do arts institutions compete as a medium for cultural practice in an increasingly media-saturated world? How can arts institutions engage new artistic practices made possible by new media? On the other hand the challenges are theoretical: how can arts institutions redefine themselves through service, social space, activism, interactions and relationally?”

Follow the journey at EXITUTOPIA.