MacQuarrie & Manannan mac Lir – Still Lording Over the Underworld After All These Years

Book news:

The Waves of Manannan mac Lir

Title: The Waves of Manannan mac Lir

Author – Charles MacQuarrie | Illustrator – R. Tato

Find it:  Sagebrush Cafe has a limited number of promotional copies and is offering them to customers starting Monday, January 12.

Mythology is populated by figures of sky and sea, fire and water, might and wisdom and all that stuff. We like to think that mythology belongs to the past. Greek culture, in terms of mythology, is not identical in our minds with the reported lethargy and decadence of today’s Greece. (I’ve never been there, but that is what people say…) No. Our image of Greek mythology is set firmly in the past.

But those stories somehow translate to the present. One reason this is true – people keep making new translations of ancient stories.

Who is doing that translation and breathing life into those stories? Well, one person doing it hails from the Antelope Valley. Professor Charles W. MacQuarrie has made a book on a figure of Irish and Scotish mythology – Manannan mac Lir, god of the underworld.

“Manannan mac Lir was the king of the Celtic underworld in the sea and under the earth of Ireland, Scotland, and the Isle of Man. There are many stories told of him from the Voyage of Bran which was written down around 750 a.D. to his appearance in James Joyce’s novel, Ulysses, which was published in 1939. This is a long life, over 1200 years, but Manannan is an immortal after-all. In this book we have translated and adapted the very earliest, and some of the best, stories about Manannan. We very much hope you will enjoy them.”

The illustrated collection of stories produced by MacQuarrie includes the work of R. Tato, an Antelope Valley artist who also has ties to the Antelope Valley College/Cal State Bakersfield satellite campus in Lancaster.

Sagebrush Cafe is located at 42104 50th Street West, Quartz Hill , CA 93536. 

Supplies are limited.


SATURATION: AV Arts Publication Vol. 3 – released

SATURATION: AV Arts Publication will release Volume 3 on October 13, 2012.


SATURATION volume 3 is the product of a collaboration now spanning three issues and dozens of Antelope Valley artists and editors, providing a venue for artists to share their work.

The theme of this issue is TURNING POINTS or THE POINT OF NO RETURN. Artists submitted photography, poetry, short stories, drawings, and paintings to this third annual issue.


The list of contributors looks something like this: Larissa Nickel, Todd Cooper, Tom Varden, Edwin Vasquez, Tonia Crews, Sam M., C. Vanderpool, Linda Ruiz, Ruba Alvarado, Vincent Reyes, Frank Rozasy, Frank Dixon, G.L. Helm, Marilyn Dalrymple, and June Marie Milham.

Editors on this project: AJ Currado & Steven Fiche & Eric Martin

Copies are on sale at Sagebrush Cafe and through local art events hosted with/by AJ Currado in Quartz Hill. (Information on those events can be found at AJ’s website and at the AV Arts Blog.)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


*This slideshow represents many of the submissions to the 2012 SATURATION. Copyright is owned by the artist. We just wanted to show you what kind of visual art came our way for this issue of the AV Arts magazine.

SATURATION: AV Arts Publication Volume Three: Call for Submissions

SATURATION: Antelope Valley Arts Publication is headed toward its third volume and is now officially open for submissions.

The theme of the upcoming issue, set to be released in late spring, is


The publication is specifically seeking art (especially black and white/pen and ink art work/black and white photography) relating to TURNING POINTS and also relating to ideas of nightlife, of haunting, and of being alone on the road. Submissions do not have to be related to the theme or to these ideas. You can submit whatever you want, but your chances of selection go up if your work matches the theme.

Other submissions types that are open: Poetry, Non-Fiction, Short Fiction, Arts Announcements for recurring events, and…we’d suggest more categories too but won’t right now (because we haven’t thought of them yet and don’t know what YOU HAVE IN MIND). 

This issue promises to be more selective than previous issues, but the goal remains the same – to champion local artists, showcase local talent, provide concrete proof of Antelope Valley art and artists, and to generally try to bring together artists with an audience of interested people.

You can still pick up copies of SATURATION volume two at Sagebrush Cafe while supplies last, though supplies are nearly depleted at this point. Your last chance for volume two, fittingly, comes at the same time as your first chance at participating in volume three.

Send submissions to:

Lancaster Horror Magazine (More than Just Horror)

From the people at LORE:

September 28, 2011


Lancaster just got a little scarier this Halloween season.

The scariest time of year is nearly upon us, making it the perfect time for Lancaster resident Rod Heather to release the first issue of his horror magazine, LORE.

Rod is an award-winning editor of spooky story collections, and is a published horror author in his own right.

The first offering, titled “LORE: A Quaint and Curious Volume of Selected Stories”, will become available just in time for Halloween, and will feature stories by internationally renowned authors like Harlan Ellison (another LA County resident), and Brian Lumley.

LORE will be available electronically, and as a print edition, and is considered a professional market by the Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America, and Horror Writers Association.

In addition to more information on how to order or submit work to LORE, the publication’s web site ( offers a host of regular horror, science fiction and fantasy features that are sure to raise the hackles of even the most seasoned ghoul.


Rod Heather