Lancaster Horror Magazine (More than Just Horror)

From the people at LORE:

September 28, 2011


Lancaster just got a little scarier this Halloween season.

The scariest time of year is nearly upon us, making it the perfect time for Lancaster resident Rod Heather to release the first issue of his horror magazine, LORE.

Rod is an award-winning editor of spooky story collections, and is a published horror author in his own right.

The first offering, titled “LORE: A Quaint and Curious Volume of Selected Stories”, will become available just in time for Halloween, and will feature stories by internationally renowned authors like Harlan Ellison (another LA County resident), and Brian Lumley.

LORE will be available electronically, and as a print edition, and is considered a professional market by the Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America, and Horror Writers Association.

In addition to more information on how to order or submit work to LORE, the publication’s web site ( offers a host of regular horror, science fiction and fantasy features that are sure to raise the hackles of even the most seasoned ghoul.


Rod Heather






Antelope Valley Anthology: Soliciting Submissions




MousePrints Publishing

Is soliciting submissions for the 8th


Antelope Valley Anthology


Submissions may be prose or poetry.  Poetry may be no more than 100 lines per poem.  No more than five poems may be entered.  The poems may be any form.  Prose submissions may be in  the form of short fiction, creative non-fiction, essays, or reportage.  Prose submissions may not be longer than 5000 Words.  Prose Submissions must be in standard format—12 point type, double-spaced in Times New Roman or some equivalent font.  No “Strange” fonts will be accepted.  Poetry may be single spaced.

     All submissions must come as Rich Text Format (rtf) or .doc, attachments to e mail or, all else failing, pasted into the body of the e mail.  No paper/hard copies will be accepted.  All submissions must be marked with contributors name, mailing address, phone number, e mail address, and word count.  Pages must be numbered.  No submission will be accepted without name, address, phone number and word count.

     Submissions will be accepted from 1 January, 2011 through 31 May, 2011.  Please send all entries to  For further information regarding the 8th Antelope Valley Anthology please e mail the above address or call (661) 951 6306.

     All submissions will be acknowledged.  Those submissions chosen for inclusion in the Anthology will receive one free copy of the anthology, a small token payment in money, and a gift from MousePrints Publishing.  Also, those included in the Anthology will receive a continuing 50% discount on copies of the Anthology in which their submission appears.