Antelope Valley Thespians – Looking for Movie Extras

The Antelope Valley Thespians, a Quartz Hill theatre company, are in the process of making a movie. They could use a little help. 

One of the actors in our movie, has resigned from the role. It would be the role of Lysander. He is an intellectual type, and old enough to be the father of a teenager.

If you know someone who can help fill this role, please help recruit.

Also, it seems most of our extras have disappeared.

We could use new extras.

So, interested in a role in the AVT movie? Do you know someone who would be interested? Do contact us.

If you want to be in the movies and want to pitch on a local arts project, contact AVT through their Facebook page (link).


Summer Theater in the Antelope Valley

You can watch, support and enjoy theater in the Antelope Valley this summer. Here are two ways:
At It’s Only Tuesday Productions in Lancaster
July 5-7
Pink Panther Strikes Again
July 12-28
2.From the Antelope Valley Thespians:Antelope Valley Thespians - Quartz Hill, CA
Hello, everybody! I’d like to welcome you to the Antelope Valley Thespians Night of Improv. It’s a fundraiser in an attempt to raise funds for our next production. It’ll be performed at the Academy of Style June 29th. At 7:00 pm, feel free to bring your family- it’ll be clean, child appropriate humor, and we encourage children to attend. At 9:00, there will be an adult’s only show, where all rules are out the window.What do you need to participate? Well, your presence is required, for one. Also, any awkward props, iconic movie quotes andEach show is $6.00, or you can buy both for $10.00. You can also become an AVT patron at the show.So, please stop on by, we’d love to see you! 

AVT: Antelope Valley Thespians supporting Antelope Valley Writers

The Antelope Valley Thespians have been putting on performances for a few years now. They are one of a number of outlets for local writers (playwrights, specifically) to get work into the public eye.

Take a look at their website if you have a chance. Here is what they have to say about what they are trying to do with and for local writers:


One of the main goals of AVT is to produce original work by playwrights local to Quartz Hill and the Antelope Valley. Seeing your play undergo the production process gives you a great insight into how your script might be interpreted by a director and actors.

Additionally, concepts that are challenging or impractical from a technical perspective will need to be ironed out in the first production, allowing you the chance to perceive the strengths and drawbacks of your script’s technical feasibility. The feedback you will receive from the cast, crew, and audience will provide invaluable information as you put the final touches on your manuscript before offering it up for publication.

Being accepted for production is also a great way to show a publisher that the theatre community takes your work seriously enough to stake a significant investment of time and money to produce it.

AVT currently offers many different outlets for original work, based on where you are in the playwrighting process. The cultivation of a new, produceable, quality script can be a long and involved process; AVT is there with people, tools, and ideas to help you along the way.

Stay tuned to our blog, Facebook Page, or Twitter feed for updates on details for upcoming writers events.

Antelope Valley One Act Festival Cast List Announced!

Main image

17th July
posted by Phil

The Antelope Valley Thespians One Act Festival (or AVTOF if you like throwing in flashy acronyms into everyday speech and IHYA*) has officially announced the cast list.  Thank you to everyone who participated!  Without further adieu:

The Gospel of Traitor Judas
Joe Barnard as Judas
Jimmy Miller as Jesus

Peter Cascarano as Dixon
John Comstock as Sam
Samantha Bunch as Gal
Katherine Franco as Madame

No Man’s Rabbi
Peter Cascarano as Morrie
John Comstock as Alvy

The Kingdom
Joe Barnard as Peter
Samantha Bunch as Stephanie

Congratulations to our cast; please attend this show; AVT tackling a One Act festival is going to be awesome!

Antelope Valley Thespians present MISS FOZZARD FINDS HER FEET and A WOMAN OF NO IMPORTANCE by Alan Bennett

Antelope Valley Thespians present MISS FOZZARD FINDS HER FEET and A WOMAN OF NO IMPORTANCE by Alan Bennett.

June 8, 9, 10, 15, 16

at the Antelope Valley Winery

Antelope Valley Thespians Presents:

Two monologues from The Complete Talking Heads.
Produced by arrangement with Samuel French, Inc.

Alan Bennett’s award-winning series of solo pieces is a classic of contemporary drama, universally hailed for its combination of razor-sharp wit and deeply felt humanity. First produced for BBC television in 1988 to great critical acclaim, the Talking Heads monologues also appeared on the West End Stage in London in 1992 and 1998. In 2002, seven of the pieces were performed at the Tiffany Theater in Los Angeles for a highly praised brief engagement, and in 2003 a selection of the monologues premiered in New York at the Minetta Lane Theatre. These extraordinary portraits of ordinary people confirm Alan Bennett’s place as one of the most gifted, versatile, and important writers in the English Language.

Fridays and Saturdays at 8pm, Sundays at 4pm. There is no performance Sunday June 17th.

Produced by Nikki L. Martin
Directed by Missy May and Nicelle Davis
Starring Rachel Jennings and Jan Jensen

$8 general / $6 students

Antelope Valley Thespians: Wittenberg

Presented by Antelope Valley Thespians

APRIL 13, 14, 15, 20, 21, 22, 27, 28
WITTENBERG, by David DavalosMain image

Produced by special arrangement
with Dramatists Play Service, New York.

Set in 1517 at the University of Wittenberg and in the German town of it’s namesake, this highly irreverent “tragical-comical-historical in two acts” explores how three men’s sagas overlap, intertwine, and irrevocably affect the course of each other’s lives.  Will Hamlet get his tennis chops back and finally declare a major? Can Dr. Faustus distill the perfect medicine for philosophical angst and win the love of his beautiful Helen?  Can the Rev. Fr. Martin Luther defeat the Devil in his privy and reconcile his feelings for the Church? And driving it all, what really is the nature of the Eternal Feminine? Find out (*we can’t guarantee that you will) in this outrageously nerdy romp through literature, philosophy, and religion… A play that, like life, swings from deeply serious to farcically absurd at the drop of a hat.

Fridays and Saturdays at 8pm, Sundays at 4pm.
There is no performance Sunday April 29th.

Starring: Phillip E. McKaughan, Grant Dagg, Will Nicolai, Missy Schaapman, Sarah Bialobroda, and Aamod Samuel.

All performances at the ANTELOPE VALLEY WINERY on 20th St. W. at Avenue M in Lancaster, CA. Arrive early for wine tasting!

This play contains language and themes unsuitable for young children.



4th October
posted by Nalin
work by aj currado

Visit for tickets!

Note that there is no performance on Sunday, November 13th.

NOVEMBER 4, 5, 6, 11, 12, 18, 19, 20
by Richard Greenberg

Produced by special arrangement with Dramatists Play Service, New York.

A year after he disappeared on the day of his father’s funeral, Walker Janeway returns to New York. Here he finds a clue to his troubled past: “April 3-5: Three days of rain.” So begins the curious journal of Ned Janeway, the father that Walker thought he knew. In Act II, we travel back in time to the mid-1960’s, where we are offered an alternative, unexpectedly romantic perspective of the family story. A many-layered drama peppered with witty moments that make us smile, Three Days of Rain ultimately questions every one of those little stories that we tell ourselves—the ones we need in order to make sense out of life.

Fridays and Saturdays at 8pm, Sundays at 4pm. There is no performance on Sunday, November 13th.

This play contains strong language. We do not recommend it for young children.

Remaining tickets not sold in advance online will be available at the door, 30 minutes prior to curtain, via cash or check only. 

The Friday Nov. 5th performance (opening night) is our PATRON PREVIEW NIGHT. Patrons of AVT get in free, and all other tickets are just $5.

A Month Of Original Theatre in the Antelope Valley

Showing Now:

Laity Theatre Company Presents
Bridget’s Girl
A New Musical
Book & Lyrics by
Barbara Dixon
Music by
James A. Goins
Directed by James A. Goins
in The LAB Theatre
 Sat. & Sun. July 30th & 31st 7:45PM
Show Running: Thursday, Friday, Saturday 7:45PM 
& Sunday 2PM 
July 30th – Aug.20th



Showing August 19-28

Antelope Valley Thespians Present

Hunger for Paradise

AUGUST 19, 20, 21, 26, 27, 28
by Eric M. Martin


Winner of the 2010 AVT New American West Play Competition
Produced by arrangement with Eric M. Martin, Quartz Hill, CA.

AVT is pleased to bring to the stage the premiere of this new, character-driven drama by local playwright Eric M. Martin. The history of the American West is replete with nostalgia and stories of the migration westward to a promised land of opportunity in California, Oregon, and the bounty of the western frontier. Many of these settlers built new lives and made transformative changes to themselves, our society, and to the land itself. But what about those for whom the promise failed to deliver? Set in the modern day, this play explores the hunger for something new that often drives us to break for greener pastures… only to discover that, sometimes, the emptiness inside from which we run cannot be filled so easily. Rather, it pursues us despite all superficial remedies — and instead of looking forward in the way we hoped, life sometimes leaves us to wonder might have been.

AVT is committed to cultivating a local community of playwrights, collaborating with them to bring their work to the stage for full production, and paying them a fair royalty just like any published work. Accordingly, we hold all original play submissions to the same standard as the published work we consider.  Learn more about our engagement with local writers and our process for bringing original work to the stage on our Playwrights Page.

Fridays and Saturdays at 8pm, Sundays at 4pm.

This production is in rehearsal. Online ticketing for this production is not yet available.

Jessie Ann Hassan, Director
Juliana Katzman, Stage Manager

Podcast #16: Thoughts from the Final Show of THE AMERICAN CENTURY

18th June
posted by Nalin
Dean Berg, Mathew Gruca, and Sarah Allen rehearsing THE AMERICAN CENTURY in AVT’s garage blackbox studio.

This podcast contains interviews with Artistic Director Kara McCollum, Technical Director Kevin J. Hogan, Production Stage Manager Juliana Katzman, and actors Mathew Gruca, Sarah Allen, and Dean Berg. Interviews were taken just prior to the final show of the run of THE AMERICAN CENTURY, AVT’s opening production in the 2011 Season.

Click here for the AVT page podcast.



AntelopeValleyArts magazine, SATURATION, announces the release of its second issue.


Saturday June 11, 2011 the magazine will be available at Sagebrush Café in Quartz Hill, at Antelope Valley Thespians events, and in some new surprising places. Copies of this issue are $4.

This issue is bigger, stronger and faster than the first, featuring the work of poets, artists, fiction writers, non-fiction writers, photographers and designers. Movement & Motion were the twin themes of the newest AV Arts installment, and the issue takes up the idea through explorations of flight, travel, dance, nature and transformation.

Contributors of material and talent for SATURATION: Issue 2 are Steven Fiche, Curt Hanson, Sarah Allen, Nicelle Davis, Anna Delrosario, Rheagan E. Martin, Edwin Vasquez, Hannah Wilson, Michael Jones, Glenn Horst, Oleg Kagan, Cass Douglas, Benjamin Andrews, Kevin Hogan, AJ Currado, Nalin Ratnayake, and Eric M. Martin.  


SATURATION is a venue for the arts in theAntelopeValleypublishing essays, fiction, poetry and fine art. Find submission information here at the AV Arts Blog.