Sagebrush Cafe to host creature creation workshop with Brynn Metheney

Just a few days left to sign up for the creature creation workshop with Brynn Metheney. The workshop is being held on Saturday, September 7, from 5 to 8 pm. Participation in the workshop is $45 and all materials are included (with the exception of brushes).

Spaces are limited so make sure you act on your interest quickly.

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42104 50th Street West

Lancaster, CA93536

M-F 6:30am-8pm

Sa 7am – 7pm

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“The Morae River”: Opening Gallery Reception November 20th at Sagebrush Cafe

Brynn Metheney’s fantastic series of illustrations, “The Morae River”, is set to be introduced to the Antelope Valley in a new show at Sagebrush Café Coffee & Art House in Quartz Hill. (Info).

 Saturday, November 20th from 5 to 8 pm


Metheney grew up in the Mojave Desert and went on to graduate from California College of the Arts and Crafts. “The Morae River” highlights Metheney’s long-standing interest in creatures, both real and imagined, as it explores the interconnections shared by science, art and fantasy.

 Though her processes and techniques of illustrating “The Morae River” may seem relatively simple—drawing, scanning, and coloring—the final product reveals an artistry of diverse and complex talents that awe the viewer. Metheney says of her methods: “Recently I have been working exclusively in photoshop CS3 – doing the pencil drawing with a fine digital brush and then laying in color underneath the line work.”

 Her work has appeared in a number of places including WIRED Magazine, Sort of Podcast, Science, St. Mary’s College Magazine,,, Metheney currently lives and works as a freelance illustrator in Oakland, California.


As you may know, AV Arts Blog is closely associated with Sagebrush Café and we teamed up to do an interview with Brynn Metheney in anticipation of the upcoming show.


Q: What is the inspiration behind “The Morae River” project?
The Morae River started out as an exercise in world building and creature design. It came about in spring 2008 after a college review. I presented a series of fictional creatures to my professors and they suggested that I explore them more since it was what I was really passionate about. It seemed natural and I quickly fell in love with the idea of creating a context to relate my creatures back to.

Immediately, I began work on a world where I could come up with species that would grow and evolve along with their environment as animals do here on Earth. The idea of a river as the center of my project came first and everything fell into place from there. What started out as a portfolio exercise to get work, turned into a personal exploration in drawing, evolution and writing.

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Brynn Metheney to show at Sagebrush Cafe

(Click for larger view.)

A new show of  illustrations by Brynn Metheney is set to open at the Sagebrush Cafe gallery space on Saturday November 20th.

AV Arts Blog will be hosting and posting an interview with the artist before the show goes up, so stay tuned for the inside scoop (we know that this a corny line, the whole “inside scoop” thing is passe as they say, but corny things like Neil Diamond, sweat pants, and saying “inside scoop” are worth their weight in…um…mixed metaphors. Don’t you think so?)

Take a look at Brynn’s work: