New Antelope Valley Art Gallery Seeking Artist Submissions

Local artists and art supporters are getting together to do some work that should create lasting opportunities for showing and viewing creative work in the Antelope Valley.

On January 31st, WAC Arts (formerly We Are Cedar) will begin a monthly, rotating, community arts showcase at The AV Art Gallery.

Separately, both WAC and The AV Arts Gallery have made names for themselves locally; as presenters and advocates for the arts. Now combined as one unstoppable creative force, we bring you our first communal exhibition.

This is a free form showcase to merely give you a sample of what both our fabulous local artists, and the gallery, can provide.

As the opening reception approaches, we will share some of the names of which artists will be showcasing.

But wait!! there’s more…

In addition to our wonderful exhibition, there will be a “Sound, Light, and Frequency” audio/visual experience.

Numerous projectors will be brought in and set up, to create an artistic visual presence like no other. While you vibe out to the presentation, there will be musical accompaniment provided by both “Mystery Whacker” and “Jiminy Picasso”.

Live art by: Magz Marz

Welcome to a new era of community art.


Take a look if you’re interested in pursuing the opportunity on offer and, as usual, look for chances to support the kind of creative work that you would like to see grow in our community.


A Special Art Show: Hosted by Bravery Brewing & Sagebrush Cafe

Bravery Brewing and Sagebrush Cafe have teamed up to craft a beer together. To celebrate the event, Bravery is throwing a beer release party with an emphasis on collaboration and the arts.

Two local small businesses, bringing their strengths together.

And you can be a part of it.


Artists  interested in displaying art at the event should send in their work (following the guidelines listed on the flyer) before May 5th.

The show will be held on May 11th at Bravery Brewing.

It’s going to be a blast. If you don’t get a chance to submit and participate as an artist in the event, you can participate by coming out to celebrate the artists of our community as well as a couple small businesses that are known for showcasing local talent in the Antelope Valley.


Celebrating the Desert – Call for Submissions

Artists take inspiration from many places, including the physical world around them. This is especially true for artists living in remarkable places like we do in Antelope Valley, surrounded by the Mojave Desert, the San Gabriel Mountains and the Tehachapi Mountains. Our Joshua Trees, our dry lake beds and our hordes of ravens all make for some compelling and iconic artistic fodder.

People outside the Antelope Valley know this – probably without realizing it – because the Antelope Valley shows up in so many movies, music videos and commercials (especially car commercials). The visual landscape here is special.

In the spirit of celebrating the desert and celebrating our little corner of the world, we would like to invite artists to send in images inspired (directly or indirectly) by the local landscape.

Please send one or two images to and include your name. Include a brief bio too if you’d like.

We’ll post the desert art here at AV Arts and link it to our Facebook Page.

While the turnout will most likely be humble, that is perfectly okay. Little celebrations count too.

AV Arts 2

WE ARE CEDAR Announces New Art Show – Call for Submissions

The following text comes straight from the show announcement and call for submissions put out by the We Are Cedar crew. The show will be hosted at the Cedar Center  in Lancaster.

You can learn more about what goes on there in a recent interview posted here at the AV Arts Blog featuring Michelle Navarrete.

Ladies and gentlemen, we are pleased to announce our next art show!! it’ll be held from October 3rd until November 2nd. Submission info is as follows:

-Space is limited, so we’ll only be accepting ONE piece per artist, so bring your best!

-Please include dimensions, and artist info

Send your submissions to

  • Here’s what’s happening so far:
    – WAC SWAP thrift and barter corner
    – A special photography series showcasing the local music scene provided by Loretta Canham of Shutterpunk Photography
    – Various local artist ran workshops including leather working, jewelry making, and artist technique
    – Audio and visual equipment available for recording during open hours, plus live music on a weekly basis
    – A pre open mic hang out and presentation practice space
    – We will be accepting donations strictly for all artists selected to show. At the end of the month, all donations will be dispersed
    – An artist raffle per donation
    – Various discussion panels

The show is free to enter, and we are uncensored, and without themes!! however, it is the month of Halloween, so let’s get creative!!

WE WILL BE ACCEPTING SUBMISSIONS FROM NOW UNTIL SEPTEMBER 24th. If chosen, you will be alerted by E-Mail, or via the phone, so make sure that you include your contact info with every submission!!
The opening reception will contain live music, and refreshments will be provided. The opening is on October 3rd from 2-8 p.m.

Sagebrush Café Invitational Art Show

Sagebrush Cafe is putting out a call to Antelope Valley artists to participate in an open invitation art show this month. 25 spaces are available. First come, first serve.

This juried show follows others hosted at Sagebrush. Last year’s winner of best in show was Julie O’Sullivan.


Details for the upcoming show below.

Enter a two-dimensional work of art in any medium on any family friendly subject.

  • Entry fee – $5
  • Accepting 25 pieces on a first come first serve basis.
  • Awards will be $75, $50 and $25 and decided by a judge (tbd)
  • All art entries must be works sized 8×10.
  • Total size including frame cannot exceed a width of 12 inches.
  • Work must be able to stand on a shelf (leaned against a wall)
  • Limit of one entry per person.
  • Bring your work on Sunday July 19 or Monday July 20.
  • Spaces will be available only to the first 25 artists to bring work.
  • Prizes will be determined in the following days.
  • Prizes will be announced at an opening reception on July 25.

The pick up date will be September 1, 2015.

Calling All Writers & Poets: AV Anthology Volume 9

MousePrints publishing is soliciting submissions for the 9th Antelope Valley Anthology. 

43200 Yale Ct.
Lancaster, CA 93536
Phone:  661 951 6306

Criteria for 2012 Antelope Valley Anthology Submission


MousePrints Publishing, The Unknown Writers of the Antelope Valley, and WORD AV, the Antelope Valley Literacy Coalition, now officially opens the  submission process for the 2010 Antelope Valley Anthology. 

Submissions may be prose or poetry.  Poetry may be no more than 100 lines per poem.  No more than five poems may be entered.  The poems may be any form.  Prose submissions may be in  the form of short fiction, creative non-fiction, essays, or reportage.  Prose submissions may not be longer than 5000 Words.  Prose Submissions must be in standard format—12 point type, double-spaced in Times New Roman or some equivalent font.  No “Strange” fonts will be accepted.  Poetry may be single spaced.

All submissions must come as Rich Text Format (rtf) attachments to e mail.  No paper/hard copies will be accepted.  All submissions must be marked with contributors name, mailing address, phone number, e mail address, and word count.  Pages must be numbered.  No submission will be accepted without name, address, phone number and word count. 

Submissions will be accepted through 31 May, 2010.  Please send all entries  For further information regarding the 7th Antelope Valley Anthology please e mail the above address or call (661) 951 6306.

All submissions will be acknowledged.  Those submissions chosen for inclusion in the Anthology will receive one free copy of the anthology, a small token payment in money, and a gift from MousePrints Publishing.  Also, those included in the Anthology will receive a continuing 50% discount on copies of the Anthology in which their submission appears.

More information can be found here: MousePrints

Send submissions to:

For formatting information and submissions queries email to:

Euclid’s Negatives: Collaborative Arts Project Now Live, Seeks Submissions

photo-adam chapman

A collaborative project pairing short fiction and photography includes work by some Antelope Valley artists as well as some folks working in Illinois. If you are looking for some inspiration, maybe they can help you. If you are looking for an opportunity to get your own work “out there”, they are seeking new submissions…

Here is the frontspiece to the project:

In the 4th century B.C., Euclid conjectured on the nature of light and its retention in a pinhole camera…

A pinhole camera is a simple camera without a lens and with a single small aperture – effectively a light-proof box with a small hole in one side. Light from a scene passes through this single point and projects an inverted image on the opposite side of the box.

Our project takes up Euclid’s idea of the “light-proof box” and re-imagines it as a collaborative, online gallery of photography and fiction.


There is a metaphor involved somewhere in there and it probably has something to do with memory and the imagination and how they might work together, like a camera, like a pinhole or like a light-proof box.

Euclid’s Negatives is looking for submissions to expand the conversation and the project.

See guidelines here: SUBMIT