Art Reproduction Services Opens in AV – Colorspace

A Message to AV Arts Blog from Colorspace: Artwork Reproduction Services…
This message came in recently announcing the opening of a new artists services business in the Antelope Valley. We thought we’d pass it on.
Came across your blog and wanted to let you know about our NEW fine art reproduction shop opening this Saturday Oct. 27th from 10am to 5pm. As you know the fine art community within the AV is really booming, unfortunately there is a real lack of professional services in the area to meet those needs and many artists have to waste gas and time to drive to LA. Especially in today’s economic times, finding something local is always better, and our prices are very affordable.
Every artists who visits us on Saturday will get a $25 gift certificate for their next order over $100!
We saw a need for this and decided to help the community and bring top level Fine art services to the AV! Check out our attached flyer for more info, we think this would be some great information your readership would enjoy to know about.