Tres Amigas – Gallery Show Opening on November 15th at Sagebrush Cafe


When you hear the words “random eclectic art” you probably envision a certain level of vibrancy and energy. That is entirely appropriate for the upcoming group show at Sagebrush Cafe bringing together the work of three of the Antelope Valley’s most established and accomplished artists – Donna Weil, Liz Cotten and Joanne McCubrey.

The trio will show a mix of styles and media that demonstrate a deep creativity, a willingness to experiment and wide range of influences. Some of the influences are recognizably local, with landscape paintings inspired by regional landmarks like Vasquez Rocks. Some influences are more personal and perhaps inflected by distinctly individual histories and motifs.

The show opens on November 15th with a reception from 2-5 p.m. at Sagebrush Cafe (42014 50th Street West, Quartz Hill, Ca 93536).


“The Presence of the Past” – Western Photography by Joanne McCubrey

The Sagebrush Café Gallery presents: 

“The Presence of the Past”

Western Photography by Joanne McCubrey 

On Saturday, July 12 a new show of photography by Joanne McCubrey will open at Sagebrush.
LONE COWBOY AT DUSK (click to see the entire piece) LEANING BUILDING IN BODIE (click to see the entire piece)
BODIE PIANO (click to see the entire piece) HORSES RUNNING THROUGH THE DUSTY LANDSCAPE (click to see the entire piece)
“The Presence of the Past” – Western Photography by Joanne McCubrey

     Saturday, July 12 

We will be hosting a reception for the opening of a new show of Western Photography by Joanne McCubrey. 

Celebrating the life, the romance, and the atmosphere of the American West, McCubrey’s photography will be showing at Sagebrush as the annual Antelope Valley Fair kicks into gear. 

Find out more about McCubrey and her work at her website

And join us to celebrate the opening of her new show on Saturday, July 12 from 5-6pm.

An Antelope Valley Art Snapshot

Artwork from: Nuri Amanatullah, Joanne McCubrey, Alan Radecki, Cervates,  Donal O’Sullivan, Julie O’Sullivan, and Eric Martin (ps. that’s me).

You can find links to the websites of all these artists on our sidebar. We are rich in art, artists and artistry here in the AV. It’s not always easy to see (though it is always there/here).

And it’s not always easy to put this richness into a coherent shape or statement. But, then again, who says there should be a coherent shape or statement in the first place?

Art is.

And that is one of its great lessons. Isn’t it?

Anyway, here is some of it.


Donal O’Sullivan




MojaveWest Media Works: tehachapi wind farms &emdash;
Alan Radecki


If you would like to see your artwork featured on the Antelope Valley Arts blog, just send us a link, a photo, or an email and we will help spread the word about your creative work. That is what we are here to do!

Julie O’Sullivan
beach reader
Eric Martin



Nuri Amanatullah
Joanne McCubrey

Spotlight on Local Artists of the Antelope Valley – Joanne McCubrey


Quartz Hill artist, Joanne McCubrey is an accomplished photographer and and writer. And she paints too. In our enduring aim to spread the word about local art and local artists, we’d like to point you to her work.

She has a nice website.

Many photos for perusing and for buying.

ROSIE-WOMAN WITH SCARF (click to see the entire piece)

From her website:

  I am a photographer and artist, formerly of the Placerville area, but I now call Quartz Hill, California home, where I live with my rather large dog, “The Dude”.

I spent 20 years with the Mountain Democrat newspaper in Placerville as a photographer and won over 30 personal and professional awards in photography and writing.  I’ve been published in many magazines including Sierra, Country, Nevada, Range and Westways.

   My work has been exhibited in the Ansel Adams gallery in Yosemite, Nikon House in New York,  the Margaret Crow Gallery in Pasadena and at many El Dorado County galleries.

Learn more at Joanne McCubrey.