Emerging Antelope Valley Artist Joseph Anthony

Artist Joseph Anthony is plunging headlong into the public arena with his art. Creative and free-flowing, Anthony’s art is pushing some boundaries and pushing back against constrictions with colorful and unique artwork.

Look closely.


On your screen, these may look like paintings, but they are not paintings. These are metal fabrications.


Here is the text of Joseph Anthony’s Bio from his website, which you can find location HERE.

Born and raised in Southern California, Joseph began his art career as soon as he could hold a pencil.  He got his start doing simple sketches of still life before attending Art Center College of Design in Pasadena where he studied Product and Transportation Design.   He quickly realized that both areas were controlled by corporate superpowers which put stringent limitations on his creativity and moved on to more free form expression.  He took up welding and metal fabrication which opened up a new dimension to his art and has been his medium of choice for the past eight years.
It is his love for the act of creating art that drives him.

“Art should not be confined to any size, shape or specific format.   Never limit your creativity.”  -Joseph Anthony.

Each piece has a unique flow and is never duplicated.  The combination of grinding and cutting metals, along with the blending of vibrant colors allow the art to come alive as you move across the room.