AV Arts & Culture

 June promises to be a great month for arts and culture in the Antelope Valley.

Gallery News: Static/Electric – paintings by Michael Jones  

            A vibrant new art show is now on display in the Sagebrush Cafe gallery space. Michael Jones paints across genres, with a focus on graphic, urban-influenced imagery as well as purely abstract forms.    


            Opening Reception

            Saturday June 5th

            6pm to 8pm

The AV Thespians are performing Beyond a Reasonable Doubt from June 4 -13 (check out their website for details.) Main image

Tickets are on sale now online and at Sagebrush Café.

In addition to a new gallery show at Sagebrush Café, the Lancaster Museum and Art Gallery is hosting an interesting new show based around the four ancient principal elements – fire, water, air and something.

The Lakes & Valleys Art Guild Gallery ( Lake Hughes Road ) is opening a new show as well as holding a photography contest.