Pavlina Nichole Showing at Sagebrush Cafe

From Sagebrush Cafe:

The next featured artist in the Sagebrush Cafe gallery space goes by the Tumblr name of Pavlina Nichole. With an opening reception scheduled for Saturday, September 12th, the anticipation for this show is building up – fast and steamy – like a stormy tea pot or an old school locomotive. (Don’t tip it over.)20953116899_5734e076c2_k

Working in Mixed Media and fabric, Pavi is a creative force. You can take a look at what she does at her Tumblr page or follow her on Instagram.

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You may have seen some of her work in one of the annual Arts & Crafts Fetes at Sagebrush. We’re looking forward to the burst of creative vision that Pavlina will bring to the space in a solo show.




Bravery Brewing in Lancaster, California invites artists to submit artwork to our Call for Art for our first art show, entitled “Heroism.” What is Heroism, what does it mean to you, how do you see it, describe it, feel it, show it?

If you work in oil, watercolor, acrylic, pen and ink, graphite, color pencil, charcoal, traditional photography, ceramics or sculpture, we want to see your work. All media (excluding art that hangs from the ceiling, has moving parts, protrudes from the wall or causes a health/fire/safety hazard) will be considered. 3D works (sculpture, pottery, etc) if unstable, must come with pedestals to stabilize while on display.

This is a family establishment therefore we can’t accept nudity or graphic violence. Entries will be reviewed and accepted by blind panel. The juried show will be judged by R. Lee Ermey himself!

The works will be shown during one of our busiest months and this is your opportunity to shine. All hanging art MUST be gallery ready with wire, hook and eye hanging hardware properly installed on back. No wet canvasses please.

Submit up to 2 pieces and upload medium size JPEG images, note artwork dimensions (size _x_x_) and weight, price, materials description, if available please include a short artist bio and short statement about piece(s) to:

No submittal fee. Artist retains 100% of money earned from sale. Bravery will accept no commission.

*PLEASE NOTE DATES ARE TENTATIVE AND WILL BE CONFIRMED SHORTLY, (just wanted to set you lose on creating those masterpieces!)

Entry Deadline: June 28th, 2014
Notification of Acceptance: June 29th, 2014
Delivery of Artwork: by Wednesday July 9th, 12-4pm.
Opening: Saturday, July 12th, 4pm-close
Show Period: July 12th-August 16th, 2014.
Show Hours: Tuesday-Friday: 4 – 10pm, Saturday: 2pm – 10pm, Sunday: 12pm – 7pm.
Pickup: Aug 17st-24th, 2014

The Opening Reception will run from 4pm to closing and will feature live music and catering, not to mention the best microbrew around!

Fine Print:
Artist is responsible for insuring work, however we will do our best to handle your work with the greatest of care.

By submitting, you hereby release the Bravery Brewing and its members from all liability of every kind and character on account of loss, damages, or injury to property, which may happen while on the property at 42705 8th St W, Lancaster, CA 93534.

Any work left at Bravery Brewing more than one week after exhibition closing, may be subject to a $5.00 per week storage fee. Any artwork left after month from the pick up date will become the property of Bravery Brewing. PLEASE PICK UP YOUR WORK ☺

By submitting, you confirm that you understand that information about your artwork may be released to the media and that by entering this competition you understand that your artwork may be photographed by the press for promotion, by guests or for other purposes.
***Categories and prizes are yet to be announced. More information yet to come! Get your art ready, this is going to be an amazing show!!!


Hell On Wheels – poem by Edwin Vasquez


Sitting in front of the Lofts Gallery, after the opening of the art show,

I heard the sounds of skateboards.

They reminded me of an old train, leaving the station slowly,

making the unmistakable sound of tracks

before getting into full speed ahead.

Observing from a close distance,

the alley was taken over by both kids and older riders

They resembled billboards on wheels:

Monster hats, Vans shoes and Pharmacy Board Shop T-shirts.

I walked a little closer to the action.

Some are smiling, others cruising,

the youngsters studying the movements of the seasoned riders;

they all have stress-free faces,

as if this is the most important time of their lives.

The beats from a DJ table bounce off the walls,

the cold concrete of the alley a stage to perform on.

They were aware that people watched them as if they were a different culture,

and they don’t care; they have their own language and style

and the skateboarders enjoy the freedom and friendship of their lifestyle.

As more curious people gathered to observe,

the experienced riders surfed the pavement in a crouching position,

gaining speed to perform a trick;

others rode their Maple wood boards, creating the angular momentum

as natural as breathing, while the observers’ faces lit up with joy.

The boards in the gallery were awesome to observe: they were motionless, lifeless,

the real action happening outside, at least this time,

where the riders show their art and knowledge of the principles that rule their game.

I wonder if they know they are actually using the science of motion

while riding their fancy four-wheel boards.

Through every bruise and battle scar,

after each nasty fall,

the skateboarders are the center of gravity

that keep this lifestyle alive.

(Dedicated to my friends Larissa Nickel and Amanda Johnson for their amazing job putting together Hell on Wheels.)

Edwin R. Vásquez
















Read more AV Arts BLOG Press about the Hell On Wheels show at the Artists Lofts Gallery in downtown Lancaster. Article 1 & Article 2.

Join the conversation and write in with comments and discussion.

Politicon: Political Art Event at the Artist Lofts

 Time: March 5, 2011 from 6pm to 10pm
Gallery 661 aka The Artist Lofts
661 W. Lancaster Blvd., Lancaster, CA, 93534


Politicon is the first and unique celebration devoted solely to the political arts. This convention of artists, by artists, and for artists, unites and brings us all together, regardless of political beliefs! It puts political issues in a palette of a rainbow of colors. Come have fun, be one, and enjoy the moment. Let the art speak for itself.

Meet and greet the artists who made it all possible.

Lalo Alcaraz (creator of the “La Cucaracha” comicstrip for th LA TImes)

 Nuri Amanatullah
Courtney Barron
Robert Benitez
Ricardo Cisneros
Jim Colovin
Sergio Hernandez
Louis Jacinto
Michael Jones
Dr. Luthor Lowbrau
Larissa Nickel
Bryan Pacana
Vincent Romaniello
Laurel Siler
Greggy Soriano (from TLC’s The Next Great Baker)

Lofts Gallery Announces New Show…

Under Construction, a group show of local artists including Marthe Aponte, Steven Fich, Caleb Macy, Elizabeth Macy, Nancy Scherich,and Laurel Jean Siler. The Show includes works about the body, identity, humanity and what it is like to live lives that are constantly under construction.

The opening reception is Thursday, July 15 from 6-9PM.

July 15-August 1, 2010
Tue-Wed 10am-4pm
Fri-Sat 2pm-8pm
Closed Sunday-Monday.
Available to view at other times by appointment