El Javi releases new album – A Gypsy Journey Pt. 1

El Javi, guitarist, has been keeping busy. 2015 has seen him release a new album, A GYPSY JOURNEY Pt. 1 and take his music on tour – and not for the first time. cover

You can check out the music from the new release at his website.

Touring now in a duo format with a percussionist in Colorado, you can see from his calendar that El Javi is on the move!

An artist with Antelope Valley roots, El Javi is someone to keeps tabs on. His music has a sonically delicious depth, which comes across quickly in a style that is both intricate and immediate. I guess that’s flamenco guitar — good flamenco guitar.

Here is some background from El Javi’s bio page on his website.

Los Angeles based flamenco guitarist El Javi combines the sounds of his acoustic flamenco guitar with the minimalist drumset of percussionist Jordi Marin, building a bridge of his own between flamenco and progressive rock. Flamenco Fusion.

Currently the instrumental duo tour while promoting their EP, A Gypsy Journey:Pt1 Trip, recorded live in the studio.

The 2012 release of Self-Portrait in L.A., launched El Javi onto an independent tour throughout the US west coast, Colorado, New York, Germany, Holland and Mexico City.

The duo has played the Festival of the Arts in Coahuila Mexico (2013), The Jazz and Blues festival in Santa Clarita, CA (2014) the International Music Festival in San Jose del Cabo, Mex (2014). and opened for todays biggest voice of flamenco, Diego el Cigala, during his Noche Tacumana world tour in San Miguel de Allende, Mex (2013).

The best representation of El Javi lives in his live performances and capturing that essence in the studio acts as a key element in the recent release of A Gypsy Journey.

While traveling, El Javi and Jordi Marin use their gypsy lifestyle to shape their music either by collaborating with other artists or simply sharing their raw intimate sound as a duo.