Collage Art by Eric Martin Showing at Sagebrush Cafe

Collage Art by Eric Martin showing at Sagebrush Cafe

November 1, 2014 through January, 2015

Self Reflection - Eric Martin

“Making collage art is a bit like dreaming, for me anyway. Even when there is a plan, there is also quite a bit of moment-to-moment decision-making, spontaneity and accident. Pieces develop in fits and starts. You make leaps. Layers of ideas pile one on top of the other. Layers of potential meaning too. Associative thinking runs rampant.

“It’s tempting to wonder why certain images crop up in anyone’s art. And it’s tempting to wonder why certain images crop up in your own art. Why a boat? Why a horse? What do these images mean?

“Carl Jung once said, “Your visions will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.”

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“Artists will relate to this notion and think immediately of the creative process – as a way of bringing the inside out, balancing the inner life with outward expression. But is art a way of waking up? Or is it a way of dreaming out loud? Maybe those two things are the same.

“Thinking about Carl Jung and his dream theories I tried to diagnose some of the pieces in this show. That turned out to be a real rabbit hole… They could mean anything. The unconscious mind reads like a horoscope.

“For my part, I think that some dreams do probably mean something, though I couldn’t say what. They may be pedestrian most of the time, just recycling a day’s memories. But sometimes they might be more than that. Discoveries can be made. In a dream, your eyes can be opened. What will you see?”

This is the text of my artist statement. I know it’s weird to put it in quotes since I am the editor of this blog. But that’s what I did, because…I don’t know. I just did.


Limitless – Paintings by Jeremy Johnson – Showing at Sagebrush Cafe

The art of Jeremy Johnson has been described as “riveting”, “captivating”, and “intense”. I am the one who said all those things, but it’s true anyway.

Johnson manages to say a lot while using little, though his canvases are rather sizable.

You can see his work through the spring season at Sagebrush Cafe in Quartz Hill, the AV’s up-and-coming, not-a-secret-anymore coffee & art house. (I’m one of the owners, did you know? And I personally invite you to come in and take a look at this gallery show, which will impress you. I practically guarantee it.

We’re also offering a limited time chance to actually win a piece from Johnson’s LIMITLESS SHOW…)

This is what Johnson has to say about his art and himself (from his website):

My name is Jeremy Johnson and I am from Ottawa, IL.

Ever since I was a child, I loved working with my hands and being very artistic.

My career began with welding but soon took a turn when I was diagnosed with a benign brain tumor in the cerebellum at the age of 30. During my rehabilitating I decided to brush up on what I used to love, creating art. I started painting and found my passion again.

Life’s not what we want it to be, it’s what we make it. So do what makes you happy! Love what you do, do what you love!  Positive attitude is key in life. Enjoy the scenery and cherish the moment.

I’d love to be able to donate to hospitals for research and development. The most important thing in life is our health. Without the help of the Mayo Clinic I wouldn’t be where I’am today. People that help are people that care!

Never stop living!