New Paintings by Mari Hall

Mari Hall is at it again with new paintings. Check them out at her website, Art in the Key of Life.

“Filter in Spring Time”

The new work is textured and bright. There is a sense of specific place in these pieces, but that place in some of the work is clearly an internal, meditative place.

Suggestive geometries evoke certain energies that almost have a flavor about them. They are paintings you want to touch. Somehow, there are feelings in these paintings that refuse to be limited to the experience of the eye.

“Meditation 15”

Here are some excerpts from her artist statement to give you a sense of where she is coming from and where she is going with her art:

I think of art as one of the Universal Languages. It speaks of things that are difficult or simply inexpressible in words. It touches the hearts of everyone in one way or another, regardless of race, creed, gender or cultural background. Art is a reflection of our shared humanity. It is from this viewpoint that I create my art work.

The new millenium created dramatic changes on a global scale. Exhibiting on the internet is part of this transformation. We are dreaming developing drifting with a new tide of widespread change. These changes have become part of my artistic expression.


“As Seen on TV”


Take a look at more from Mari Hall at Art in the Key of Life.


AV Arts Convo – Pottery and Paintings by tjCervantes

AV Arts Convo – Pottery and Paintings by tjCervantes

Presenting artwork and an interview with tjCervantes

SATURATION 2.0: The Arts in Conversation project at Antelope Valley Arts is an ongoing, weekly publishing series: Local artists (painters, poets, photographers, fiction writers) have been invited to submit art and partake in a conversation on artistic influence and inspiration as the print arm of Antelope Valley Arts goes digital.

The conversation today turns to thoughts on collaboration, inspiration and the poetry of pottery in an interview with artist tjCervantes. Working across a number of media, notably uber-creative pottery, tjCervantes always finds a way to bring the whimsy of the Fantastic into her work, evoking the magic of mythology and the charm of fairy tales in pottery and paintings that reach back to the elfin and elemental sensibilities of the Middle English. In these works tjCervantes gives meaning to the idea that art is kind of “dreaming out loud.”

But she is not doing it alone.

tjCervantes mentions an ongoing collaborative project with Marthe Aponte in her interview and some works from that collaboration are included here.

And now, on with the show…


Is there a certain emotional valence or emotional register that characterizes your work?

My artwork is characterized by the human emotion in a way that is both satirical and whimsical. I am a lover of fantasy, and like most storytellers, it is about the human condition.

I am a lover of moons, and nature, and a good story that will make me laugh, and make me think. Mostly, it’s about laughter, and that we are all in this together.

I love elegance in a morbid and surreal way. So the gods and goddesses show that side of me, as do my bugs that I am just developing. A collaboration is in the works with Marthe Aponte and I to show entomology at it finest.  I have done a few insects with watercolor, but Marthe’s picote gives so much elegance to the insects that I feel there will be more to come.  Three are finished already!

My gods and goddesses masks, moons, even the skeletons dancing on the cups show that whimsical,  satirical side. This affects everyone. They say, “oh, that reminds me of my brother, my friend’s child, or it just gives them a good feeling.


Who or what are your major artistic influences?

I studied to be an illustrator, and I am a lover of a good fantasy. Combined with my love of pottery, I want my pottery to tell the story of a fantasy with moons talking, gods and goddesses pleasantly ruling in all their majesty, skeletons dancing, and insects and animals are having parties and weddings all by the light of the moon.  Yes, I am a dreamer, and dreams do come true!

My major influencers are from the past, Rene Magritte, he has been my life long influencer. One major influencer from the present is Kit Williams, who is an illustrator of a most fun type of book for adults and children. His book, Masquerade, is one of my favorites. And in pottery, I just found Kurt Weiss, who illustrates wonderful surreal scenes around wonderfully misshapen pottery that he has formed.

There are two people that stand out as catalysts for me to become a potter and an artist. Rich Sim is one. He taught me pottery and motivated me to go on to college to finish my degree in art. He is the only one that was my formal teacher of ceramics. And my dear, long time friend, Debra Bridgman., if it wasn’t for her, I would have been an accountant, lol. She encouraged me to take art classes in college with her. I am not sure I would have taken any art classes if it weren’t for her.  

There are really so many more people and things that influence me. My friends have especially influenced me. We bounce ideas off of one another, and critique our artwork together.  IMG_2432

And if it wasn’t for the current art scene, I am not sure I would have done the amount of art or met my artist friends that I do art with. The art crowd in the Antelope Valley is so enthusiastic to help other people show their art. The Sagebrush Café and MOAH are doing an exceptional job of putting current artwork and local artwork out to the public. Thank you, Eric Martin, Andi Campognone, and Robert Benitez for influencing me, and all of us artists in the Antelope Valley and beyond, to share our art!

And today’s world is what drives me to share my art to the public.

Since retiring six years ago, to become an artist, in the professional sense of the word, I started learning how to market my artwork online. Today, we can embrace the Internet and potentially the world.  The art world has become so huge, art abounds. And we can influence the world with our art. I am my own teacher now, and learning and loving every minute.


Take a look at the latest from tjCervantes and see what she has on offer in these places: 

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AV Arts Convo: Painting and Mixed Media Work by AJ Currado

AV Arts Convo – featuring painting and mixed media work by AJ Currado

Presenting Painting and Mixed Media Work by AJ Currado

SATURATION 2.0: The Arts in Conversation project at Antelope Valley Arts is an ongoing, weekly publishing series. Local artists (painters, poets, photographers, fiction writers) have been invited to submit art and partake in a conversation on artistic influence and inspiration as the print arm of Antelope Valley Arts goes digital.

Painter AJ Currado has described herself as “creating little villages of art” and she has certainly had a hand in doing that off the canvas as well. A youth art teacher substantially inspired by travel, Currado is also a founding editor at SATURATION: Antelope Valley Arts Publication. Back in 2011, Currado helped to launch an annual series of print volumes showcasing the prose, poetry, painting, drawing and wit of local artists (and at this very moment that project moving into the digital space).

Even as she looks to help others shine, Currado has herself continued to grow as an artist, winning awards, embarking on projects of increasing scope, and pushing herself into new areas of expression. Currado’s work will be on exhibit at the MOAH juried show in June and at MOAH Cedar’s LVAG show in July-August. Seek out her work. You’ll be glad you did.

Who is your favorite writer? How does he or she influence your work?

GK Chesterton is one of my favorites. He explores everyday life with an optimistic twist, leading from content seemingly fluffy and cleverly twisting it into some thousand pound gem. I love his optimism and cheerful sobriety.
I like to think that I achieve something similar in my painting. Anything on face value can be simplistic, but you have to pause and think a moment to get at humor or depth. I present simple imagery in my paintings but I see them as portals to an immense web of ideas. A stack of books is not merely a stack of books, it is the thirst for knowledge being simultaneously satisfied and unquenchable. It is achievement in educational goals. It is preparation for travel. It is centuries of humanity past. It is the unending landscape of adventure inside the mind.

What artist or writer from the past would you most like to meet and why?

Vincent van Gogh. My work is nothing like his but I’ve always loved his style and been intrigued by him as a person. I admire his tenacity to keep working and creating so many beautiful paintings with so much pain in his life and so little encouragement. He is a maverick. I was fortunate enough to go to the south of France this past year and spend some time in Arles where van Gogh lived and worked for many years. The terrain is rugged and really inspiring, even in the winter. Easy to see why he painted the area.

CelloScroll (Small)

Track AJ Currado down at her website –

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Fun and Art at Tipsee Artist in Lancaster


If you know a good idea when you see one, you will want to know about Tipsee Artist.

In their own words, “The Tipsee Artist is an entertainment bring your own beverage paint and sip studio. We offer sessions for adults, teen and children. We also host birthday parties, bridal showers, baby showers, bon voyage, club meetings and team building events. We believe that art is an expression and everyone is born creative. We take our painter through a 2 hour fun step by step paint experience.”


Featured Artist: Gabriele Baber

Local artist Gabriele Baber is today’s featured artist at the Antelope Valley Arts Blog. Baber is a painter working in several mediums, from oil to pastel.

Spring at the Wildlife Preserve Palmdale by gabriele baber Oil ~ 11 x 14 Saquaro Canyon at Sunset by gabriele baber Oil ~ 36 x 48

Most recently I came across Baber’s work in the Sagebrush Cafe Invitational Art show, where her submission took first place. The colorful plein-air painting of a train yard scene that won the judge’s highest praise shows how this “award-winning California artist’s work expresses her passion for painting through the use of exciting, vivid color and drama,” as her website suggests.

Her work shows real verve and a highly functional sense of how to use color as a composition technique – for dynamic contrast, for spacing, and for balance. I’m no art critic, but these things are easy to see in Baber’s work.

(Baber has suggested that Sagebrush look into running a plein-air show and as a Sagebrush rep, I can say we think that’s a great idea. Next summer, look out for it.)

Check out her website where you will find a large archive of her work. More than likely you will be very impressed. I know I was.

LeSaucier II by gabriele baber Watercolor ~ 9 x 12

Art Around – An Opportunity for Artists in the Antelope Valley

Filling in the gaps left by shifts in strategy and policy in public education and serving the function of the time-honored civic tradition of continuing education for adults, local artist Renato de Guia facilitates regular meetings dedicated to making art, practicing techniques and creating from live models in Lancaster, CA.

Meet other artists and folks interested in learning about making art and get some practice in.

Below is information on ArtAround straight from Renato de Guia and here is a link to another article on the ArtAround Sessions posted at the Lakes and Valleys Art Guild.

  • ArtAround is an opportunity for artists, experienced or student, to create art with fellow dedicated artists. It was created as a response to changes in art educational opportunities for local artists.
  • Every Saturday, from 10 am to 12 pm, the Open Studio has a live costumed model in a creative set up. It is uninstructed sessions where art techniques and principles in portrait and figure study are practiced, using the media of choice. The session is a single pose, held in twenty minute increments.
  • On Tuesdays, starting at 8 am, a group of artists meet at the AV Mall food Court to do laps at the mall interior. After getting some needed physical exercise, art skills are sharpened by quick sketching people in the mall. It is aptly called Stretch and Sketch.
  • ArtAround has also facilitated quick sketch sessions. The model does a series of short poses for gesture study.
  • ArtAround can set up Open Studio sessions at various locations. Bravery Brewery and the Palmdale Playhouse have hosted a session with great success. Artists, as a group, schedule pleine aire trips periodically. Demonstrations and lectures are planned in the future.
  • ArtAround is made possible by the generosity of Eric Rasmussen of CoffeeHouse Ideas, making his studio available for the artists’ use. The programs are facilitated by Renato de Guia, with a lot of help from family and friends. While the programs are free to the community, donations are appreciated to help pay for the models and art assistants.

Contact Information – Renato de Guia


updated: June 04, 2015

Wild About Nature – Lakes & Valleys Art Guild Show

Wild About Nature – Lakes & Valleys Art Guild Show


Announcing Opening Reception

The Lakes & Valleys Art Guild

March 2nd

Noon – 4 p.m.

Wild About Nature

Ben Tomlinson & Teresa LeClerc

The Lakes & Valleys Art Guild proudly presents AV artists Teresa LeClerc
and Ben Tomlinson’s amazing paintings of birds, animals and nature.

The Lakes & Valleys Art Guild
43751 Lake Hughes Road
Lake Hughes, CA
T: 661.724.1312

Sat – Sunday – 10 am – 4 pm