Annual Silent Film and Ice Cream Social Friday, July 30

EVENT-Annual Silent Film and Ice Cream Social Friday, July 30 starting at 6 pm at the Western Hotel Museum.

An annual event at the Western Hotel Museum, the silent film screening and ice cream social invites visitors to enjoy a favorite summer pastime while taking in a silent classic from Tinseltown’s golden age.

Guests will also enjoy perusing Western Hotel Museum’s exhibits and learning about the unique history of the Antelope Valley.

This year’s film, The Wind (1928) stars Lillian Gish as Letty, a Virginia woman who resettles in the Texas prairie, and who battles relentless suitors and an even more relentless wind for her happiness and sanity.

Adult admission is $5 for the event; $3 for the movie OR ice cream only. Youth admission (under 12) for the movie is free; ice cream is $2. LMAGA individual members receive one free ticket; family members 2 free tickets.