Lancaster Artist Lofts Gallery hosting numerous art events in 2010…

 (Photo: from the Arbor Lofts Gallery Show – “Timeless Art in the Flesh”)

The Lancaster Artist Lofts Gallery  has hosted a number of recent art events in its space on Lancaster Blvd. in  downtown on Lancaster, CA. 

Recent shows include a works by residents at the Arbor Artists Lofts, a one night installation, Stacey Speigel’s “Luminosity“, and a tattoo and body art inspired show, “Timeless Art in the Flesh”.

AV Arts Blog would like to invite anyone who attended these events to write in with comments on the art at the shows, the new gallery space at the Arbor Lofts/Artist Lofts in downtown Lancaster, and the growing presence of arts venues in the Antelope Valley.

Look out for new events and gallery shows at Lancaster’s residential and artistic venue dedicated to art, artists, and art culture.  

(an excerpt from the Artist Lofts tumblr page.)

timeless art in the flesh was an amazing show! curated by andrea young, psycho city tattoo, and american made tattoo, the show opened during the Celebrate America! on the BLVD event and easily 500 people passed through the gallery.


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